MLG Raleigh/ Campus Party Berlin Results

Posted on at 7:54 PM by Seranaya
 (This will be updated for the last games tonight after they are finished so stay tuned!)

Hey everyone! Here I am again to update you after a successful first day at MLG: Raleigh and an exciting semi-finals day at Campus Party Berlin! I will post VODs once they are up for your viewing pleasure.

So how did it all play out? Lets continue reading to find out!

Lets begin with MLG Raleigh.

Matches began this evening at 5:30pm EDT and are ongoing until roughly 11:30pm EDT.
As of now, here are your match ups and scores (Bold means that team won):

Red Bracket Round 1
Winner's Bracket:
Team Dignitas vs BYE
4Nothing vs CLG Black - 1-2
Team Legion vs Meat Playground - 2-0
Team Dynamic vs BYE

Red Bracket Round 2
Winner's Bracket
Dignitas vs CLG Black - 2-0
Team Legion vs Team Dynamic - 1-2

Loser's Bracket
4Nothing vs Legion
Meat Playground vs CLG Black

Blue Bracket Round 1
Winner's Bracket
TSM Evo vs BYE
Monomaniac Imperium vs Monomaniac Ferus - 0-2
Orbit Gaming vs unRestricted eSports - 2-0
Team Curse vs BYE

Blue Bracket Round 2
Winner's Bracket
TSM Evo vs Monomaniac Ferus - 0-2
Orbit Gaming vs Team Curse - 1-2

Loser's Bracket
Monomaniac Imperium vs Orbit Gaming
unRestricted eSports vs TSM Evo

Tomorrow's streams begin at 10:00am EST and runs until 4:30pm EST. The brackets are a little messed up and slightly confusing right now, especially the MLG one. So I'll give you a simple breakdown of timing of games and update you more thoroughly in the morning once they get it all figured out. My morning post will include specific matches between which teams. Here's the schedule:

Red          Loser's Round 1          10:00am EST
Blue          Loser's Round 1          10:00am EST
Blue          Loser's Round 2          1:00pm EST
Red          Winner's Round 3A     1:30pm EST
Red          Winner's Round 3B     3:00pm EST
Blue          Loser's Round 3A       4:00pm EST
Red          Loser's Round 3B        4:30pm EST

Campus Party Berlin
Semi-final day at Campus Party Berlin was a great one! Our four finalists are as follows:

  • Meet Your Makers
  • Eclypsia.Luna
  • Fnatic
  • Mousesports
Semi final 1 was between Meet Your Makers vs Eclypsia.Luna. After two great games Meet Your Makers took the games 2-0. They will continue on to play in the grand finals match. Eclypsia.Luna has been moved into the 3rd place match. 
Semi final 2 was between Fnatic and Mousesports. Fnatic continued to show their domination in this tournament by taking the match 2-0. A statement by Fnatichxd on reddit told us of a goal that Fnatic has set for themselves.
"We aim to go 11:0" - Fnatichxd on Reddit.
 This sets our grand final match as Meet Your Makers vs Fnatic for a grand prize of $10,000! The third place match will be between Eclypsia.Luna and Mousesports for a prize of $3,000. These matches are set to begin at 9:00am EST tomorrow! Be sure to watch the STREAM.


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