Ducals Vinyl Sticker giveaway! ( closed )

Posted on at 2:58 PM by Moobeat
This contest has been completed and no more entries will be excepted. Winners will be notified shortly. Thanks for entering and stay tuned for more giveaways in the near future.

Here's the next giveaway you all have been waiting for - VINYL KOG'MAW STICKERS!

There is now a Kog'Maw adorning the Moobeatmobile.

These vinyl decals come to us from the fine gentlemen over at Ducals. Their stickers come in many different designs, colors and sizes, and fit snugly on  glass, cars, laptops, cell phones, or any plastic surface. You can check them out on Facebook or visit their Etsy shop to peruse their wide selection of LoL designs and more.

I have eight stickers total to give away, 3x White, 3x Red, and 2x Black.

To enter you can either...

  • Tweet @Moobeat and say "TIME TO FEAST!"
  • Email moobeat@surrenderat20.net with the subject line "TIME TO FEAST" and  include your physical mailing address  ( NA and international addresses welcome! ) in the body.
I'll pick the winners within 48 hours and contact them through whichever medium they used to enter.

I'm also giving away 2 Astronaut Teemo decals over on reddit. If you'd rather snag one of these little guys, come on over and check out my post.


  1. "Moobeatmobile"


  2. Do want hop I win on time to feast for the win

  3. btw, i wonder how you gona give the prize if the winners is oversea :/ lol. Love your updates xD

  4. T_T too bad I strongly dislike playing Kog.

  5. Can we enter in both of the giveaways or just one?