Campus Party Berlin Day 1 Results!

Posted on at 6:03 PM by Seranaya
Hey S@20!

What a great first day at Campus Party Berlin. Group A was the focus today and we now have our teams that are moving on to the semi-finals on Friday! After a day of great matches and a few surprising wins, we can smoothly move into group B playing tomorrow.
Note: I will post the VODs when they are up!

Continue reading to find out how it all went!

Group A consisted of these four teams:

  • Meet Your Makers
  • Mousesports
  • Curse.EU
As some of these teams are not as well known, here is a small cheat sheet on who's who of each team!

MoMa - AP mid
Candy Panda - AD Carry
Prothana - Top lane
Dedrayon - Jungle
Dax - Support

Team Curse.EU
extinkt - AP mid
Sleper - AD Carry
Angush - Top lane
Malunoo - Jungle
xinec - Support

Meet Your Makers
Czaru - AP mid
Makler - AD Carry
Kubon - Top lane
Mokatte - Jungle
Libik - Support

Facerollerx - AP mid
diqozoY - AD Carry
Alvik - Top lane
napraen - Jungle
FatMamma - Support

The match-ups were as follows:
8:00am EST - Mousesports vs Curse.EU -- Mousesports wins 2-0
- Meet Your Makers vs BLACK -- Meet Your Makers wins 2-0
11:45am EST - Mousesports vs BLACK -- Mousesports wins 2-0
 - Meet You Makers vs Curse.EU --  Curse.EU wins 2-1
2:00pm EST - Meet Your Makers vs Mousesports --  Meet Your Makers wins 2-0
  - Curse.EU vs BLACK -- 

As it stands the win/loss ratios are sitting like this:
Meet Your Makers - 5/2
Mousesports - 4/3
Curse.EU - 4/4
BLACK - 1/5
This means that Meet Your Makers and Mousesports will be moving on to the semi-finals on Friday!

I'll be back tomorrow with another update about the Group B matches that begin at 8:00am EST. Tomorrow we have:
  • SK Gaming
  • Fnatic
  • Eclypsia Luna
  • Tt Dragons
It should be a great set of games and I can't wait!!!