8-1 News: BCP Cho, Lore, and Tourney QoL

Posted on at 5:32 AM by Moobeat
Catching up with the rest of yesterday's news, 8/1 saw another teaser for Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath, an art spotlight and Q&A for Diana, some new lore for Shyvanna and Fiora, and some small quality of life changes for the Tournament scene.

Following the Urgent Transmission, Riot put out another promo for Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath.
"Warning! This mechanical menace has been sighted stomping through nearby cities and battlefields, crushing anyone and everything in his destructive path! Metal is, indeed, perfection.

Battlecast Prime Cho’Gath will be available soon for the Legendary Skin price of 1820 RP
I can't say I'd be surprised if we saw a release for him very soon ( I'm talking today or Friday soon! ) , but at least we now have confirmation of his 1820 RP price point. Maybe now you guys down there in the comments can stop arguing about it's price!

While we Diana still hasn't been enabled on the live servers, I do have a few little things to satiate your hunger for the Scorn of the Moon. 

If that art spotlight didn't quite do the trick, you can check out this lengthy Q&A about the sound, story, and art behind Diana's release.

Speaking of stories, a few of the creative designers put out the first batch of lore updates. Harrow shared Fiora's updated lore and RioutRunaan shared the new bio for Shyvanna. Both of these threads feature a lot of juicy lore as well as an AMA style invitation to clear the air of any questions you may have.

The new PAUSE feature available is only in custom Tournament Draft games.
If all this talk about champions and skins is boring you, why not take a look at the recent quality of life changes for the tournament scene? Check out RiotMarcou's unveiling of the new Tournament Code and Tourney Draft Pause features:
"As the scope of our eSports community and tournaments grows, new tools and features for tournament play will be making their way into League of Legends. We wanted to give you the low-down on two features being rolled out into the live game that will bring some quality-of-life changes to the tournament scene – Tournament Code and Custom Game Pause.

Tournament Code is a feature which allows third-party organizers to easily set up, host, and record results for League of Legends matches! We have seen a major influx of large scale one-day tournaments, like ESL’s Go4LoL tournament series with up to 7,500 Summoners participating globally each Sunday. We know you love these events, and now we’ve made it so much easier to participate.

Here’s how to use a Tournament Code:

- Go to “Tournament Code” mode under Custom Game in the play-game-flow, then paste in the Tournament Code you received from the match organizer when prompted.

- Play the Match. The Tournament Code will automatically drop you into the right match lobby, records the stats and settings, and report the results and line-up to the match organizer. No fuss, no muss.

If you want to try the Tournament Code in action, head on over to ESL’s Go4LoL portal to see a schedule of upcoming tournaments. And don’t be surprised if you see this feature popping up elsewhere in the future.

Another feature that we rolled out previously, Custom Game Pause is a set of commands that allows players to pause and un-pause the game. This feature is only available in Tournament Draft Custom Games. The commands to use the pause feature are, as you might have guessed, /pause and /unpause.

Good luck, Summoners, and be sure to keep checking back for information on new features coming to the competitive scene!"
While both of these are on live servers, you'll only be able to utilize ( currently ) the Tourney code during specific events or matches. Want to read a little more about how all this is going to work? Head on over to ESL's official announcement.

P.S The winners have been notified for the ELO BUFF give away. Thanks for participating and I'll have more stuff to give away soon!


  1. I'm really annoyed that the cho skin ain't a Theme like PFE. Especially considering they got the same design (different looks/emotes at differerent levels/ulti stacks).

    1. IMO themes should't be too common. Maybe with 3-6 months between each new theme.

  2. the link for shyvanna does not work 4 oh 4 error.

  3. All legendaries including past legendaries should be themed, for $15 per skin, you should get a little more.

  4. It says metal is, indeed, perfection.

    What is the Battlecast skins were all mechanical evolutions at the hands of Viktor, and the Pulsefire skins (If there will be any more) were made by Jayce? Some sort of futuristic skin theme where the Battlecast skins are the robot overlords? I remember PFE said something like "Grim dark future" so it'd be pretty swaggie if that happened

    1. I was thinking the same thing, considering PFE came back very close to this occurrence. he came back to save us

  5. Pause has been available in Custom Tournament games for awhile now, some people seem to think it only just came out

  6. tournament code idea is really awesome.