7-31 / 8-1 News Recap: Red Posts Galore!

Posted on at 9:27 AM by Moobeat
I saved this update a little later in light of the patch earlier this morning. Usually Rioters bombard the forums with delicious red posts in the wake of a patch and this one was no exception; I come bearing a massive grab bag of interesting red posts.

On today's menu, we have a small quip from IronStylus about upcoming the Soraka model update, RiotJules talking about the recent Amumu changes and the lack of Zyra nerfs, two posts from Xypherous about the future Garen and Nidalee QoL style buffs, Ymir explaining the changes to the name of Lux's ultimate, a massive post about upcoming Lore related updates, and, finally, a new skin and champion sale.
Soraka's model rework is "Still in the works. Not really much we can say at this point. Still in the oven, still cooking." according to IronStylus. He also squawked out a few more details, saying:
"She's gone through a whole pile of overhaul. Okmikegoodness was her animator and Bitsplosion was her particle artist. They've both invested a ton of time into a very elegant visual rework. She has a new model obviously, but the animations that were done required a significant remake of her rig, just like Ashe (another Ohmikegoodness production).

The skins aren't the issue, it's the fact that the new rework is so tuned at such a higher quality that it's taken a decent amount of time."
The Amumu nerfs included in the Early August patch certainly caught a few of us off guard. RiotJules said the following about the changes, adding some of Riot's rationale to the mix and highlighting the underestimated buff to his Tantrum.:
"The goal with the mana cost reduction (50 to 35 is a bigger change than it looks) is to somewhat reduce Amumu's dependence on blue buff. Currently, Amumu players get completely gimped if they are invaded upon and denied blue.

At the same time, we felt Amumu's AP ratios were out of line given the power and crowd control he brings with his ultimate. That said, his new ratios (0.7, .01%, 0.5, 0.8) are nothing to be laughed at."

Continuing on the balance train, a lot of players were also surprised to see that Zyra went nerf free this patch. RiotJules commented on this by saying:
"We are still evaluating Zyra. I agree with you that she does appear on the strong side, but to be fair, she's only been out for 1 week. We don't like to rush changes without fully understanding a champion's impact on the game."
Currently, Nidalee's Pounce always moves in the direction she is facing, not where her cursor is located.
I must admit I'm enjoying all the recent quality of life style buffs we've been seeing lately; we had Cho'Gath and Hecarim this patch and tons of updates for Malzahar last patch. Xypherous commented on these saying that both Nidalee and Garen were up next on the chopping block. While they have both been confirmed for some upgrades in the past,  it's nice to know they are coming up soon. He expanded about the slated changes to Nidalee's pounce, saying :
"I sync'ed with Brackhar on this - and until we get additional tech to make you switch between targetting types at will - I think we'll just go with mimic'ing how Riven's Q works for now. It's not perfect and far from ideal - but for now it'll be at least a good improvement on the current one."
Lux charging her.. erm... Infinite Light.
One of the bigger discussion points of this patch was Lux's ultimate being renamed from "Finales Funkein" to "Infinite Light". Ymir, the English Community Coordinator, gave the forums a taste of the thought process behind the change:
"If we were making Lux today, we’d never name her ult ‘Finales Funkeln’ today. Here’s why:

It’s an incomprehensible in-joke that’s an obscure reference.
It’s a tip of the hat to another character’s ability from another game that’s been translated into German. This is unintelligible to most people, because they don’t get the joke. This is not pandering to the lowest common denominator – we’re talking about the vast majority of our players around the world here.

It’s hard to pronounce.
No, not just because it’s German. Once again, this isn’t about the lowest common denominator.

It doesn’t even come close to conveying what the ability does.
And Infinite Light does. Yeah, yeah, it’s not a global ability, but it's a pretty big ******* laser. A little hyperbole is just fine by us. We considered translating the name directly from German to English as “Final Spark,” but felt reference to electricity didn’t feel like Lux."
While this chunk was the meat and potatoes of the post, I'd recommend you check out the rest of it if this something you feel passionately about, as the change is live right now and I doubt we'll be seeing it reverted.

Boy, oh boy, do I miss the delicious lore infused Journal of Justice releases.
For my fellow lore heads out there, we had some good news come out of the Lore Discussion forums today. Kitae, a Lead Lore Designer, posted a massive wall of text detailing Riot's upcoming initiative to improve the current champion bios. The post, while very informative, is much to long to share in its entity, here is the reasoning behind the updates and what we can expect out to see in the near future:
"We think that all of our champion bios should be as well written as newer bios:
  • Players read bios to better understand champions. You deserve the same quality experience when reading an older bio as you get when you read a newer one.
  • Bios are the first place players go to learn more about a champion's past, and they form the foundation upon which other stories about that champion can be crafted. This is true for both player-written stories as well as Riot-written ones. You deserve great stories built on a strong foundation.
  • Bios feed our lore, granting insight into our world and other champions mentioned in the bio. You deserve a consistent, well planned fantasy world in which great stories can be told.
With these goals in mind we are starting to bring all champion bios up to today's standards. We’ve brought on some new creative designers (who we’ll introduce soon) to help make this happen, so it won’t impact new champion bios. What can you expect to see when we re-write a champion bio?
  •  More focus on personality and motivation. We want you to understand who our champions are, and what they want.
  • A better sense of where champions come from. Every champion has an origin that helps you better understand who they are.
  • More relationships. Whether its friendship, love, or hate, relationships provide a jumping off point for additional stories involving our champions.
  • Closer ties in the world. Many champions come off as totally focused on the League. We want you to have a good sense of what champions do when they are not fighting in the League.
  • To help ground champions further, many champions who were previously summoned from afar will now have closer ties to Valoran.
  • More champion free will. We're shying away from champions being imprisoned, bound, or unable to shape their own destiny. For example, we’d like bound champions like Cho'Gath and Brand to have more freedom. This is pretty scary, but it also is a great potential source of compelling stories."

Rounding out the news, we have a new champion and skin sale. This sale's selections include Amumu ( 292 RP ) , Varus ( 487 RP ), and Irelia ( 487 RP ), as well as  Galactic Nasus, ( 260 RP ), Scarlet Hammer Poppy ( 487 RP ), and Coral Reef Malphite ( 487 RP ). These prices are good between July 31st and August 3rd, so act quickly!

PHEW! Lots of cool stuff today.


  1. Don't really understand why people freak out so much about Lux's ult.

    For me it's always "lazor" anyway.

  2. Men i love you for this info. Hope they make that Soraka remodel. I really angry when see her old model. She is ugly :x

  3. well... i am now feeling very embarassed by myself because it took me until now, to realise, that lux's ulti and EVEN HER FUCKIN POSE (*facepalm) are a direct reference to Vegeta's Final Flash-.-

    1. Google Touhou Marisa, or simply go and check Lux page on lol wikia, her ult is not a direct reference to Vegeta's final flash =)

    2. Shhh, I'm charging my light.

    3. Its not a reference to dragon ball its a reference to touhou,

      Luxes ult
      Shurelias reviere
      Randuins omen
      Wriggles lantern
      Yomuus ghost blade

      Are all touhou references.

    4. Shurelia and Randuin are not Touhou references.

    5. Nope, I can't agree on her ulti and touhou ref... she holds her hands like Vegeta and the beam is also like the final flash... i googled marisa and just can say, that she looks like Sorceress Lux... but nothing more...

    6. Actually, in various fanworks,Marisa does do final spark without holding onto the talisman, making it look similar to Lux's ulti. and I would've liked it if it was named Final Spark as a tribute to Marisa. BTW they should make a Marisa skin. Just sayin'

  4. German is one of the easier languages to pronounce since theres no such thing as a hidden letters and every combination of certain letters sounds the same.

    1. Yeah, good luck pronouncing Streichholzschächtelchen fluently ;)

    2. I'll try to post how to pronounce it with english fonatical language.


    3. Close enough. Was it that hard? Hard enough to change it even though the community gave significant contra? This whole Lux ulti rename is BS. And what grinds my gears the most is that it wasn't noted in the patch whatsoever - This was an incredibly sneaky and foul move.

      On top of that to roughly quote Zenon from the german forum: They won't listen to the feedback of the people from the forums as "those are not the majority of players but only the hardcore gamers". Who do you think made LoL what it is right now? The new players that'll join in 1 year?

      I know I sound really ragy about that topic, but it's not easy when the Riot arguments get pretty much debunked immediatly by the community as not coherent at all (Giant canine form with AoE Nasus Ult rename anyone? Or all the other Spells that are "Not easy to understand"?) yet they still stick to them and toss the feedback aside. Why do you think there's a forum if not to give valid feedback. And it's not even just the EU or german community - There's a thread with almost over 3000 votes against the change on NA forums. GuessRiot knows better what their players want nowadays .-.

      Akuni out -_-*

    4. "German is one of the easier languages to pronounce" that's true, you only need to put on your zee german accent, shout and wave your hands a lot.

    5. ^ this

      You can pretty much try to pronounce anything in german, chances are you're just going to embarass yourself :)

    6. ^ And you really think a someone who didn't learn english due to it not being taught in school will do better? Or all the others who don't know about a certain language they're trying to pronounce the first time? Are you effin kidding me? It'not only from the english standpoint, that argument is GENERAL hence why it has ZERO reasoning or back-up power for the change. This argument is bullcrap as the others named from Riot.

      They are A) not proven by statistics and they're not willed to show the numbers 'of those who complained' B) only coming from a certain standpoint ignoring the GENERAL interactions and C) overall not coherent - see 'skill name doesn't describe it properly but herpderp let's call it infinite light when it's NOT infinite' ... Fact aside that it's kinda logical a lightmages spells have something to do with light...

      If you support those arguments you actually make yourself look like the cliche tinfoilhat american - which doesn't support looking smart. If you REALLY want to have the name changed give some VALID arguments please or else leave it.

  5. When is the Jax nerf gonna come? He is easily the character in most need of a nerf... He is invincible in 3's and hell, in 5's too.

  6. i was reading the journal of justice, and i read something about lyssandra and it made me want her cause she has a sword and her name is ice dervish... unfortunately only people on the us servers get replied to by reds so i find myself asking, can anyone make a thread about it? ezreal i think or another red said that they'll be making her if they get demands by the public. can anybody be as kind as to post this for me?

  7. if they were to rename they should've at least renamed it Final flash(liek vegeta)

  8. The lux ultimate will always be shoop da woop for me anyways. I can't see the problem, really.

  9. Everything is nice. My favorite part is the lore of all older champions being changed, and to know what they do in their "free time", when not fighting in the league :P

  10. Nerfing ap amumu... For what reason are creative builds hated by riot? Yeah, ap mumu does a ton of damage, but he DIES 2 seconds afterwards. Plus he is not one of those guys who can get out of everything thx to mobility creep *cough* gragas ezreal ahri *not really convincing cough*. It's a high risk high reward thing, either you fall flat on your face or you get your occational penta. Punish people for creative builds and turn them into meta sheep. BTW you forgot to nerf Zyra, why pick lux when i got zyra?

  11. The irony, talking about Luxult name change and the lore in one post.

  12. Why didn't they just use "Final Flash" for Lux's ult? Would it cause a copyright infringement with Dragon Ball?

  13. Where is the info on the Hecarim changes??

    1. they were in the last patch.

      Devastating Charge
      Now more responsive when colliding with opponents
      Initial Movement Speed bonus increased to 25% from 0% (still reaches max speed at the same time)
      Onslaught of Shadows
      Enemy flee speed is now higher based on how close the enemy is to Hecarim

    2. Ohh gotcha! Thanks Moobeat!