News about Lux and a PFE Bug

Posted on at 3:10 AM by Moobeat
I'm glad to see some of you have taken a break from PFE and Proving Grounds long enough to visit my humble blog. As your reward, I have two news posts for you! One is about some Lux buffs and the other is about a bug with a range bug on Pulsefire Ezreal.

Imperial Lux, probably one of my favorite splash arts ever.

It looks like the Lady of Luminosity is going to be recieving some buffs. Check out what Jatt had to say about Lux and  where she could use some love :

Short answer: she's really hard to play, and playing her optimally requires alot of kiting and patience (something most players lack)

Long answer:
 Lux relies on landing her entire damage combo in order to be effective, unfortunately her Q comes with a very high mana cost and a high cooldown. If you want to become aggressive in lane, you are forced to shoot Q after Q, which will deplete your mana pool quickly assuming you are using your E to clear the creeps (which most good Lux's do)

Pros: Full 3 spell combo (Q into E(explode) R is devastating on single targets and in team fights. W is extremely potent with only 1 point at shielding multiple people in team fights. Great farming capability with E and R. Exceptional kiting

Cons: High mana costs, unreliable, hard to pull off spell combos, extremely unforgiving when missing spells.

Good news everyone! Lux is getting mana cost reductions next patch. Making it easier for Lux to take more chances in lane, and play more aggressive. We like that Lux is a hard to play mage with high rewards (seriously, practice Q - E- R combo), so we're trying to make her less punishing.
- Jatt, Associate Game Analyst, via the official forums.

As some the more keen eyed summoners have noticed, there seems to be a bug with Pulsefire Ezreal and the range on his Q. If you check out the video below, it seems that the Q of Pulsefire Ezreal has a slightly longer range than the normal Ezreal Q.

Riot is aware of this, as Greeves posted an announcement about it earlier, which said " As you know we've always taken a firm stance against the idea of selling power in any way, and though the effects of the Pulsefire skin are arguably minor, we are going to be fixing them as soon as possible. Our goal is to have an awesome Ezreal skin for you guys to use with the exact same gameplay functions as all the others." Simliarly, RiotMontag assured us that "We have Top Men working on this. Going to figure out what's up. We have reports of this happening on other skillshots as well, so we're going to look at those, too"

Speaking of Ezreal, Riot also put out a champion spotlight for him, highlighting his abilities, playstyles, and builds! Check it out if you might be wondering how to make the best of your new skin purchase.

Edit: Turns out its just a bug with Ezreal's Q and it gaining additional range after leveling up.

 Further investigation on this revealed that this wasn't Pulsefire Ezreal specific but is a general Ezreal bug that has to do with leveling his Q. We'll be fixing it in an upcoming patch. We take the quality of our skins and content in general quite seriously (hence my spending my Saturday on it!) and definitely wanted to make sure we aren't selling power.
- Geeves, Game Designer, via the official forums


  1. That lux splash is my fauvorite too :D

    1. Yea but in game it looks lame compared to Spellthief but it doesn't matter to me XD I HAVE BOTH :P

  2. Damn? Lux already have too big range on her E in my opinion, and now they buffing her? meh...

    1. they're just reducing her mana costs, nothing special

  3. Must ... have... new... champ... this ... week!!

  4. tl;dr
    Tards can't play Lux. Lets buff her.

    1. Flawless logic
      After the patch fiasco, riot starts to make some really questioning moves... like the unnecessary Xerath ult nerf

    2. Yeah, I play Lux and she's not so hard... The fact that you're cooldown is so long and that Q takes so much mana just means you have to better manage it, wait for a good opportunity. If scrubs can't learn to do this, they just shouldn't play her...
      Oh well, can't complain about a buff to my main, I guess. As needless as it may seem.

    3. I would never pick lux in ranked. Not viable for damage lategame unless fed. Her mana is a little high. Have to choose between clearing waves or dps enemy. cant do both without ooming out

    4. Not viable for late game damage are you kidding if you have a reasonable team comp around you maybe a Mumu ult all you have to do is qer if they are grouped up and then like 3/4 of their HP magically dissapears even when you aren't fed if you did well in lane (getting 13o+farm by 17 mins you should be fine mana costs are way high for a 200 ult when she has a tiny manapool to begin with kinda sad but people can play her extremely well already and she is meant to be a high skillcap champ (she is mana costs just make her so much easier) if people dont like her mana costs dont play her get more noobs off my Lux :P