I'll Trade You Some News for Some Feedback!

Posted on at 12:14 AM by Moobeat
Sorry to interrupt your normal feed of League of Legends news, but I have some news about the blog and some questions I'd like to ask you!

My wonderful new banner created by Whodis!
I'm glad to announce that you can now access the site via surrenderat20.net instead of the tacky blog spot address! It was actually much cheaper to do this than I anticipated and thanks to an anonymous donation a few weeks ago I was able to pick up the domain name for a while. You can still access the blog by visiting surrenderat20.blogspot.com ( and all those .ca, .br, .fr, extensions ) if you so chose.

The new and still very under "liked" Surender at 20 facebook page!

Second on the agenda is social media. I've had a twitter ( @moobeat ) for a long time now and, while some of you do follow my nonsense on there, I think it's time for something new! I created a Surrender at 20 facebook page a few days ago and I've been updating it whenever I update the blog. Feel free to check me out there, thumbs up some stuff, or bad mouth me on the wall.

In terms of content, you may have noticed a few changes recently. I've started structuring the posts as intermittent "important" or timely posts - reveals from Riot, new skins becoming available, Patch Previews, that Leaks, PBE updates, those sorts of things - during the day and then wrapping up each news day with a summarizing post ( with a title like 7-13 News: Blah blah blah ). This summary posts usually includes brief bits about the big news stories from the day and any interesting or informative forum posts that have cropped up. My thoughts are that it keeps the blog clean, easy to read, and easy to catch up on. I admit I sort of like this system, but I'm curious if you do too? Let me know what you think of these styles of posts, compared to typical sporadic posts during the day, in the comments below or through any of the fancy social media stuff above.

Speaking of comments, comments are great and they make me feel great when I read them. To facilitate more of this, I recently enabled anonymous commenting and your fellow readers have enjoyed posting developing news, personal anecdotes, commentary about changes, and random jumbles of letters that have no discernible value.  I'm just throwing this out there so everyone knows it's different now and can react accordingly.

Aaaannnnndddd that's about all I got right now.  Feel free to toss me any other feedback as I'd love to hear it. I'd also appreciate an upvote on reddit so I can get some additional feedback over there.

P.S I'll be doing a give away at the end of this month. Any ideas on what I should do? I did an art contest last time and that was pretty fun, yet a lot of people didn't even enter! Let me know what I should do! I think the prize is just going to be a few RP cards.


  1. I say: YES! to all, and thank you for the effort, and thank you for allowing anons to comment too ;)

  2. Keep up the good work, much easier to keep up with league news here than their official site. New banner looks great.

  3. I think you should have two sections of your blog, one where you post things as they occur and then a separate feed for once daily "This is everything that has happened today" posts. Then you could have a section for your dedicated readers that check your blog a few times daily for news and a section for people who don't read it as much. The current format is a good concept but it makes the blog quite clunky and awkward to read through if you're reading the same pieces of news twice. ' 3 '

    Keep up the good work though. I love your blog and your twitter and I really hope your facebook page is just as good! ' 3 '

  4. Gotta say I love coming to this site for the latest LoL info about new stuff. Keep it up brother!

  5. Yeah this is p. good

  6. I like the ideas and your facebook page, also cant wait for the giveaway!

  7. Maybe the giveaway could be a video contest, such as a league parody

  8. I love your site, glad for the upgrade!

  9. I'm a silent reader and I'm really enjoying vistiing ur site frequently, keep up the good work.

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  11. im really glad your blog is starting to grow much bigger now. This is the only blog i come to for league of legends news! thanks for everything! and YES i like your ideas!!!

  12. Really nice changes so far. Wrap-up-posts are a good idea. Over all, keep up the good work :)

  13. I agree with Mattias, reading repeats of information is a bit annoying so I would prefer if every post contains new information as opposed to a summary. However, I don't think creating two sections is necessary - just the real-time feed is enough, the summaries would be a bit redundant imo.

    In addition, I also feel that the site should be restricted to non-public information (i.e. only sneak peeks, spoilers news or informative red posts). Widely public information already on the mothership homepage is again a bit repetitive since I would imagine most people who read this site to read the mothership homepage too. This also saves you time on updates and allows us readers to go through less information before reaching the tasty spoiler tidbits. ;)

    As for the contest, I have no idea what would be popular or accessible, but a simple "pick a random comment on this post" might drum up more publicity for the initial contest, since art/music are usually less accessible. You can make the future contests more skill-orientated. :P You should definitely reward Whodis with something though, as I love the new banner! Good luck and keep up the great work! :D

    1. I keep with the common information because I have a lot of readers who check stuff out during the day or while at work. I've actually received a lot of feedback about adding those things TOO slow.

      They don't take much time and sometimes it's a good anchor for attaching relevant red posts or a synopsis ( the patch previews are pretty good examples of this ). It's also very, very good filler when we go a number of days without any of the more juicy info.

      Re: Contest
      Yeah, during the last art contest i got a lot of "BUT I CANT DRAW ANYTHING!!!" and people were upset they couldn't enter. The problem with picking a comment is that there isn't a good way to contact winners - a lot of people are hesitant to put their emails or summoner names on to things.

    2. You could do a trivia-like contest on a chat of some sorts, ask league of legends questions and give points for right answers. Not sure if you think this is a fun enough activity, but it's just my 2 cents.

  14. I've only recently found you blog, and since then, I've become a frequent visitor. I really like the format of the blog, and it's nice to see when you've made updates, as sometimes I'll check it several times a day, knowing that a big update is on the horizon. As for the contest, I know you seem down on an art contest, but I'd love to be able to be a part of a second one. It's a fun way to spend some of my time drawing to give back to you for all the time you spend manage all the site updates and content. Thanks!

  15. i'm still gonna use the blog version just because it's bookmarked, i'm looking forward to the give-away, i never win anything xD

  16. I ALWAYS come here for my LoL info and I think I can speak on everyone's behalf when I say that we LOVE what you're doing. So thank you, and keep up the good work!

  17. I only discovered this site a few days ago, but I've made it a habit to come back. It's clear, clean and enjoyable because it's so regularly updated. Thats a major thing, you always seem to have an article giving the whole story the same day that a hint of anything is mentioned. Sincerely, thank you for that.

  18. Thank you so much for your work, regular visitor here!

  19. Don't know how you stay on top of everything, but I certainly appareciate it! Keep up the good work, and thanks!

  20. I would love a giveaway. But I'm worthless when it comes to art. Since you did an art contest last time, how about a writing contest, or something that's different than art for the rest of us untalanted people.

  21. This has been and will continue to be my daily source for all LOL news!

  22. I actually think it's time you did a design overhaul on your site as well.

  23. This blog is the one-stop shop for LoL news - I literally don't have to go anywhere else for anything, and I've never missed anything in LoL as long as I keep coming to it. I of course tell all my friends to come here, and they are all amazed when they realize it's better than any other news feed anywhere.

    As for the giveaway, you could always try to put on a tournament in the game (depending on how many cards you had to giveaway). That might be a bigger event than you're looking for, so you could always do something a bit smaller like videos, art, music, or writing contests as well.

  24. Very good. small tip is to have the comment "editor" at the top of the comment section for easy acces

  25. I also have roughly 3300 games played, favorite champion being Ryze. Not important, but wanted to commend you on your blog :D

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  27. Yeah Great site! I thoroughly enjoy check the site from my smart phone or my PC keep it up. I like the future info you collect via the Dev trackers and what not. I like having it all centralized in a structured organization. I hope Riot realizes the effort and time you put into this, I know a lot of the stuff you share they might to be kinda hush hush about but for people like me I enjoy getting a taste on what's to come. If I made decent money I would be more than happy to donate on that note I am glad someone contribute it's good to see readers invested into your Blog. Look forwarded to updates via Facebook. Keep it moving baby!

  28. Thanks a lot Moobeat for all that you have done.. Really appreciate it.:)

  29. I am in love with your updates, I love getting news in a simple way

  30. The giveaway contest could be the same as the previous one but this time about a "new" champion we would like to see in the game. I think it would be interesting, in my opinion.

  31. Bravo buddy, I'm quite the fan of your new set up and I'll be sure to like you on facebook! Keep up the good work, I consider you to be the number one go to guy for my league information now, make us proud.

  32. Art contests are difficult because alot of people aren't artistic or dont have the confidence in their talents to submit that type of effort.

  33. Mabye make it a eazy one. Just pick somone that liked your facebook-page.

    Keep up the good work :D

  34. I check this page nearly every day and i would be very happy to attempt in some kind of a contest.

  35. I check this page when I check FB; please continue your excellent work.

  36. Glad comments can be anonymous now, I stop by regularly but don't comment because I don't have an account. Love the new banner too.

  37. I check this page daily, nice Updates. Great banner btw.

  38. Hi,
    very nice page, keeps me up to date in league matters.

    Just one thing, please don't source your screenshots like you did a while ago (with the surr@20 adress over the whole picture, so that you couldnt read anything)
    this is just plain annoying and not relevant imho

    otherwise gj

  39. this is the best lol news site by a mile to me - it's tons easier to follow what's going on here than anywhere else. keep it up!

  40. Yay for the update! Love the new banner. I wasn't able to comment until you allowed anonymous. Thank you for that.

    I'd love to enter a contest but I have no artistic abilities whatsoever. Maybe that's why you didn't get a lot of entries previously?

    I don't know what you could do that would be more inclusive and get more people involved.


    I will keep thinking. Maybe check out some other sites, see what they do for giveaways for ideas. I know Nyat had a trivia question where the first person to type in the chat room with the name of the answer was the winner.

  41. Also, thank you for changing the setup and update style of your posts. It's been much easier to follow. Not that it was particularly bad before, the changes just make it flow nicer.

  42. I feel doing an art contest again might go over well as I am sure you have a lot more fans now. :)
    Maybe do an art contest and a writing contest to cater to two different crowds.

  43. If we are to do Art Contest. I will gladly join it, but is the only prize RP cards? (Since i am playing in LoL Philippine server :[ )

  44. Ur page kick asses
    U maybe can do a trivia or a... dunno, dry brain, have no ideas left
    Keep us informated on riot acts... pls

  45. just found your site a week ago but it is awsome and i have been coming back several times a day, keep up the good work.
    as far as your contest, art contest are pretty cool because afterwards we can all enjoy the art that the community created but you could divide the categories so its not just art, like a songs, short stories, etc. somthing we can all enjoy afterwards and create more content for your site

  46. I love that you collect interesting red posts when they relate to recent developments. I'd love to see more of that. Riot's IronStylus has had some interesting stuff to say about the game's visual design recently and I think that would have been brilliant to mention here. It means a lot of trawling through redtracker for you but it would be oh-so-great.

    Please keep up the tremendous work. You are appreciated.

  47. I really enjoy reading the things you put up here.
    Haven't yet commented here, but now I do.
    Keep it up! Good job so far!

  48. You should organize your event on both servers : NA and EU
    Just create a chat group and people will join that room at a certain hour. After that, you'll organize random teams(picking each player random and giving them a team name like A, B, C etc) ;) And let them play in aram, the team who wins the tournament will receive RP point for each player. It would be amazing, so people that can't actually draw , can atleast play their favourite game(LoL) and still having fun :)I gave you an idea, think about it!

  49. Keep going, you are working great for community.

  50. Greetings from Germany,
    I really enjoy reading your blog.
    Keep up the good work and have a nice week.

    PS: This new layout is pretty cool

  51. Gj moving to new hosting and unlocking anonymous comments.
    I really enjoy your blog.

  52. Good idea, LoL loving australians are checking Surrender@20 daily keep it up

  53. I believe that u should have a section for the on-sale skin/champ and the free rotation champs. :D

  54. Do you ever post on /vg?

    1. Not really but I occasionally see traffic coming from there and check out the source.

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