ELO Buff Giveaway ( Closed )

Posted on at 3:45 PM by Moobeat
8-2 Edit: Winners have been chosen and the contest is over! Thanks for entering!!
Elo Buff is a premium, pay per month, site centered around tracking League of Legends statistics. They track pretty much anything and everything you could think of, both personal and global - from basic stuff like  K/D/A ratios, champion popularity, and CS to advanced statistics such as counters to your least favorite champions, top players rankings, and statistical champion synergies.

Sounds nifty right? Why don't we just take a peak at an example game featuring yours truly:

As you can see, you got a whole slew of information at your disposal - an overview of the game, break down graphs about various statistics, team composition rating based on global trends,  a run down of CC effects present on both teams, and much, much more. You can view insanely detailed statistics like this for every game you play or the people you follow play. 

You can see what Summoners are playing, their best champions/roles, who they play with, their win %'s and more.

 While the above profile is just little ole me, you can follow and browse any of your fellow summoners or any of  the professional players you might enjoy. Want to see what The Rain Man is up to? They got that. Want to see who InvertedComposer is trolling with Singed? They got that. Want to see just how bay life Reginald really is? They definitely got that.

Oh, did I mention there are also pages detailing various champion specific statistics?

Break downs include : Most common summoners spells, items purchased, match ups, top players, and oodles more.

In all honesty, my crappy pictures totally don't even begin do Elo Buff justice. I highly recommend you mosey on over and take a tour of their website for yourself. I think you'll quickly see that Elo Buff is a polished and concise version of what we all wish Riot's ranked statistics could be.

So all this sounds awesome, but why am I sharing it with you? Well, you see, I've got three one month passes to give away!

I post a lot on reddit, twitter, and facebook, so I've decided to give one away through each of those mediums. If you'd like to a chance to win, just follow the instructions below. You can enter just one or all three if you'd like.
I'll randomly pick the one winner from each place tomorrow, August 1st, at 9 pm PST . This is the first of many giveaways this month. Stay tuned for free stuff!


  1. the is no contest wall post on facebook! :O

  2. So where will the winner be selected ? <.< because i got no facebook and i would like to participate ...

    1. I'll contact the winners through facebook message, twitter, or reddit message.

  3. So a p2p site for a f2p game... Am I the only one who can't find the logic here?

    1. Ya Riot made LoL out of the kindness of their heart. Recent reddit poll said over 85% have bought RP.

    2. But still LoL is f2p game, so a p2p site about statistics is kinda wrong! Besides, what Elobuff does, LoLKing does also and without pay

  4. Great competition, thanks for running it Moobeat!

  5. I signed up for ELOBUFF and it's pretty interesting, but they don't track as much as I thought they would. It seems like ELOBUFF is best if you sign up and then play a ton of games... so if you're looking for statistics you have to wait a while before you can get anything that's truly accurate.

    The site is probably worth the money to anyone who would consider paying for the subscription but for everything else there's still lolking.net (which has a lot of the same things, but is free). I'll probably be using both sites for a while.

  6. lolking.net forever <3 conests with great rewards and awesome chards + model viewer better than 6$p/m..

    1. lolking is very awesome, but the stats don't even compare.

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