7-11 News: AFK Detection on PBE and Evelynn's New Kit

Posted on at 8:01 PM by Moobeat
Aside from those two new skins I posted about earlier, all the League of Legends news I have for your today is about Evelynn's stealth remake kit and about a new feature being tested out on the PBE.

Shots of Evelynn's new abilities in action!
As mentioned yesterday, Evelynn's kit has been retooled as part of the Stealth Remake. Riot has now posted her entire kit, with additional commentary by Statikk, and you can find it below!
In an upcoming patch we’ll be revisiting two of the first champions to grace the Fields of Justice: Twitch, the Plague Rat, and Evelynn, the Widowmaker. These champions haven’t been as viable as we’d like them to be due to problematic long-term stealth mechanics. For Evelynn, her core ability Shadow Walk allowed her to remain invisible for long periods of time, ultimately forcing players to stay on the defensive and favor cautious play. Since we want the action to remain a fun and fluid experience throughout the match, we decided to update these champions with some new stealth abilities.

Because Evelynn has always been the consummate assassin in League of Legends, we really wanted to preserve that bloodthirsty feeling of stalking an enemy champion. Instead of traditional invisibility, however, we decided to retool Shadow Walk into a new form of persistent stealth. Whenever Evelynn is out of combat, this passive version of Shadow Walk will kick in after a short period of time, reducing the range at which enemy champions can see her. Additionally, while in this state Evelynn will be invisible to all Sight Wards and minions, though turrets and Vision Wards will still be able to spot her as normal.

This new version of Shadow Walk will allow Evelynn to close in on an enemy, positioning herself closer to melee range while she waits for the opportune moment to attack. To help her initiate in an appropriately predatory manner, her new Dark Frenzy ability can give her the Movement Speed boost she needs to quickly close the distance on an unsuspecting target. Additionally, we’ve modified Ravage so that it not only functions as a nuke but also provides an Attack Speed bonus to help her quickly take down her victim. Should she score a kill or assist, the cooldown on Dark Frenzy is reset, allowing her to either redouble the attack or escape and vanish as quickly as she came.

Evelynn also faced challenges participating in team fights. To give her some additional staying power when entering the fray, Evelynn can employ her new ultimate ability Agony’s Embrace. This new ultimate targets an area, dealing damage and slowing the enemies it hits. In addition to its offensive effects, Agony’s Embrace also grants Evelynn a significant damage shield for each enemy champion caught within the target area.

Combined with the strategic advantage of Shadow Walk, this shield can give the Widowmaker the tactical advantage she needs to quickly reach and tear down a high value target in a team fight. For even more added punch in these group situations, we’ve also increased the range on Hate Spike and updated it to strike multiple enemy targets in a line each time it’s cast. This added team fight utility combines with Evelynn’s new persistent stealth to keep her alive and dangerous even in the more advanced stages of the game when group action is more prevalent.

  • Shadow Walk (Passive): While out of combat, Evelynn enters stealth causing her to be detectable only by nearby champions or true sight. Additionally, Evelynn rapidly regenerates Mana while stealthed.
  • Hate Spike: Evelynn fires a line of spikes through a nearby adversary, dealing magic damage to all enemies caught in their path.
  • Dark Frenzy:
    • Passive: Evelynn’s spell hits grant her a stacking Movement Speed buff.
    • Active: Evelynn breaks free from any slows affecting her and gains a massive Movement Speed boost for a short duration.
    • Champion kills and assists refresh Dark Frenzy's cooldown.
  • Ravage: Evelynn slashes her target twice, dealing magic damage with each strike and gaining a massive Attack Speed boost for a short duration thereafter.
  • Agony’s Embrace: Evelynn impales all enemies in a target area, dealing magic damage based on their maximum health and slowing them. She then gains a shield based on how many enemy champions she hit.
Hopefully we'll receive details about Twitch, the other stealthy to get a remake, soon and be able to try them both out on the PBE!

Ponts, a QA Anaylst at Riot, has posted a message on the Public Beta Enviroment forums about a new AFK Detection feature that is currently being tested in the PBE. Here is what he had to say:

Hey guys,

In a few minutes we're going to turn on a new AFK detection feature we've been working on and we could use your help testing it out. The feature should help keep afk players out of champion select and give players the ability to decline a game that has been found for them. Please give the new feature a try and let us know if you like it or not and if you find any bugs with it.

Thanks guys!!

Here are some of the rules for the new system:

- When the queue pops, each player should receive a dialog box asking them to confirm or decline their newly found game.
- Players who click ACCEPT are shown real-time status markers for all other players in their game.
- When all 10 players click ACCEPT they are moved into champ select.
- If any player FAILS TO ACCEPT the game is canceled and one of the following should occur:
- Solo players who accepted are returned to the queue
- Solo players who declined or failed to make a choice are removed from the queue
- Arranged teams of any size whose members all accepted will be returned to the queue
- Arranged teams of any size who had one or more members decline will be returned to the arranged team lobby.
- Players should receive appropriate messaging if their game fails to start
- Players should NOT receive queue dodge or leaver penalties associated with declining a game or being AFK prior to entering champ select.
So basically it's shifted to something more practical. Now instead of having to wait an entire Champion Select Process to conclude before an AFK player is kicked from the queue, they will be removed swiftly  before the process even starts. Several other games ( Dota 2, RoI, etc ) utilize this style of match making so I'm more than happy that Riot is jumping on board with it.


  1. Nice Work, i want to try out the this new Eve, maybe she can come back from the oblivion

  2. I like the new matchmaking.

  3. Awesome, even Smite has this already implemented and man are there a lot of afk people in that game. I couldn't imagine playing it if i had to use LoL current afk detection.

  4. That's nice, so you don't get that one person who gets forced a champion and they're like 'shit, don't know how to play'. It's a step in the right direction, but of course there are still afkers in games and things like that.

    1. "you don't get that one person who gets forced a champion"

      If you're saying what i think you are saying then you're wrong. Then again, it's really hard to decipher what you have just posted anyway.

    2. Right now when someone accepts and they're in the select screen with you, but don't pick anything when the time runs out, they're instantly given a random champion from their list or the rotation, i.e. forced a champion.

  5. Can't wait to try out new Evelynn!

  6. Going to be a little stupid here. The right part of the picture for Evelynn, where she's facing dragon, is that edited to look like that, or could it be my want of purple team having their view flipped around to match that of blues. You know, like Smite does with its map, depending on the side you're at.

  7. Love the new feature of the matchmaking like dota2, makes much more sense. Noticed LOL seems to take a few hints from Dota.