Riot's E3 2012 Presentation

Posted on at 11:43 AM by Moobeat

The Riot E3 presentation just concluded over on's stream and it was pretty bland. Unlike last year's press release, which gave us a preview of Spectator mode and Skarner, Leona, and Yorick, this year was nothing more than Morello talked a bit about balance and took the rest of the time to some questions, from Summoners, about League of Legends. Nothing about the hundredth champion and nothing about the League of Legends Supremacy, project that's been lurking around.

 Here are recaps of questions asked and Morello's answers:

Q: What's up with Pulsefire Ezreal and when is he coming out?
A: Same old statement that the original version of the skin was not good enough and needed to be better, something epic. Morello assured us it would be worth the wait.

Q: When can we expect the Stealth Remake?
A:  Morello commented that this is something Riot has an an entire team on and that newest iteration is testing well. Still no release date, but it is definately still something in the works and has not been abandoned, by any means.
Q: Can we expect more maps within the next year?
A: No plans as of right now, but if that is what players want that is what Riot will work on when the time comes
Q: Has Riot considered introducing a deny mechanic?
A: No, it's not fun. Something about how if you play chess while juggling chain saws it would take more skill, the typical argument for having deny on DOTA/DOTA2, but it wouldn't make it any more enjoyable.

Q: How important it is it to Riot to update under used and out dated champions?
A: Very important and something Riot always focuses on. Having more viable champions gives summoners more options.


  1. Such a huge disappointment!
    The E3 is the world's largest gaming convention ... And Riot Games has ... NOTHING to show.

    Unfortunately, a sad testament to the marketing work at Riot.

  2. Wow what remarkable anwsers, they are like copy and paste sigh I'm even sadder now

  3. I never played DOTA, whats the deny mechanic?

  4. Its when you kill your own creeps/tower/allies to deny the other team gold afaik

  5. At least they will have something at PAX:

  6. i luv his way of putting that critique of the deny mechanic, its a very eloquent way of saying what i always want to say when ppl talk about how SCBW is "better" than SC2 because it takes more mechanical skill (dealing with a mentally retarded interface)