Problems with the 6-17 Patch and the subsequent down time

Posted on at 8:14 PM by Moobeat
Well, looks like things got busted with this morning's patch, resulting in a rollback to the latest Draven patch, here is the original announcement from earlier today:

Hi Summoners,

There is a lot of awesome stuff in the 1.61 patch and we were excited to get it out to you this weekend. Unfortunately, we ran into a really nasty bug where in certain cases, players couldn't log into their accounts.

Rather than risk any further issues, we are rolling back the patch to the Draven patch and restoring all of the players accounts to working order. No information is expected to be lost during the rollback, including all wins, losses, ELO changes, or other player actions made since the patch earlier today. Going forward, we've identified the root cause of the issue and will be including a fix before the 1.61 patch is deployed at a later date.

We currently estimate that the NA servers will be back online later tonight.

We sincerely apologize for the issues.
 - RiotMixdj, International Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

As of right now ( roughly 8 pm PST ), the maintenance thread  reads:


NA servers have been brought offline for emergency maintenance due to several issues preventing players from logging in and properly creating and entering games. We will provide regular updates as we continue to address these issues. Thank you for your patience. Due to some bugs within the 1.61 patch that we discovered we are also rolling back to the 1.60 patch. 

19:58 PST: We have determined that the issues are more complicated than we originally believed and are working to bring the servers back online as fast as we can. We have a full, cross-disciplinary team that is working to resolve the issues and will continue to post updates as they come. 

17:41 PST: We're still working hard to restore our servers. We currently do not have an ETA, but we expect that they will be back online within the next couple of hours. We will update you again when we have more information to share. Thank you for your continued patience.
15:41 PST:We currently expect NA servers to be back up late tonight. Thank you for continuing to bear with us.
14:31 PST: We do not yet have a fix prepared to restore stability. We apologize for the continuing downtime.
14:06 PST: Our investigation into today's issues is still ongoing.
13:30 PST: We are still investigating the root cause of today's issues. Thank you for your patience.
13:08 PST: We are continuing to work towards resolving in-game issues. Logins are still disabled.
- Jozrael, Network Ops Technician, via the official forums.


  1. or it might not be up later that night

    1. For whatever reason, blogger won't let me reply to your bottom comment about my health.

      I was in the hospital for.. reasons unknown! Something to do with my stomach though. I have bad guts, diabetes, and bad eyes ( which you might remember me blabbering about if you've been around; i had a cornea transplant last year around this time ), so between those three I can have loads of fun.

      i'm no stranger to stomach problems, I've had all sorts of scopes, tests, and medicines over the passing years, but nothing can quite pinpoint the problem. if i don't take my medicines, I have crippling heart burn and super disgusting burps. Gross stuff, but I've grown used to it

      Anyway, I was in the hospital for the greater part of a week ( 2-4 days each time ) with severe stomach pain. .i'm a prety laid back sort of guy, but I had an embarrassing time sitting in the ER screaming my head off because my stomach felt like it was going to pop.

      They never figured out what it was exactly, so they started me on crohn's disease meds and some other junk as a way to start eliminating things. I sort of committed myself to much healthier ( something I'm not a complete stranger too, just being more intense about it ) eating, regular exercise, and generally taking care of myself, and between that and the medicine I've yet to have another episode.

      Here's to hoping I haven't jinxed it!

    2. Do take care now :O!
      I hope everything turns out well for you :]

  2. Hi, just wanted to drop by and say what a great job you do on this site. The ONLY blog (other than the official site) I use to stay up to date with the latest info.

    If you want to hear the new first, this is the place to come!

    1. Indeed you dont know how many times a day I visit this site to get some juicy leaks or hear his introduction to the news.

  3. Hey, do you think they'll be giving a little something for the offline time yesterday? Im not asking for anything, but if they are going to give us something (greedy me) it would be nice to know

    1. I wouldn't be surprised - Riot caves into the community frequently and this has been a terrible batch of problems.

    2. Btw you never told us what happened before I tryed to ask what happened with the hospital and everything that you where hinting at :( everything turn out ok?

  4. I know what is the problem with this patch... They have forgot to put the 100th champion into it...:D