A Few Bits and Pieces

Posted on at 3:42 AM by Moobeat
While I don't have any additional, cool spoilery stuff, I do have a few house keeping bits of news to share.

1) 6-29 Hot Fix Deployed

Riot deployed a  hotfix a few hours ago.  Lots of bugs were address, including the dreaded "oh shit Baron just aced our team" bug. Here are the deets, courtesy of RiotNyandalee:
  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused Baron to attack and cast at a faster rate
  • Fixed a bug where some Champions were occasionally freezing during their jump abilities
  • Fixed a bug that was causing various Champions to become stuck in walls
  • Made a change that will reduce the number of disconnects and reconnects that players are experiencing
  • Fixed a bug that was not allowing players to scroll using the middle mouse button
  • Fixed a bug that was occasionally selecting the wrong set of Masteries when players used the “Edit” option
  • Fixed a crash that occurred on the game loading screen

2) EU Servers Finally patched up to 1.61

The EU servers are now the proud recipients of a patch to bring them up to speed with the NA server. I can only assume they got the patch late due to the catastrophe it after being deployed, to the NA server, 9 days ago. You can brush up on the patch notes here.

3) Aura Items Displaying Range on Mouse Over

Phreak commented , a few days ago, that having items with auras, such as Zeke's Herald or Aegis of the Legion,  display their ranges is "an improvement we have planned". A nice little quality of life change if you ask me!

4) Premades To Be Matched Against Other Premades

Just a small quip from Zileas about Riot's intention to, in normal games and when possible, make premades match when more frequently with equally large premades  ( i.e 4 man premade v another 4 man premade, with a pug member each ).

He explains " Professor Doktor Lyte is intending on making it so that 4 man premades match vs other 4 man premades. This change should be live soonish hopefully. I'm not sure where it is in development, but it's important to us. I will check up on this tomorrow, but I believe we have implemented it, it's just a question of what patch it goes out on..."


  1. I had to double check the date on this post..

    I am fairly certain that the Premade Queue had been in LoL for almost a year. I was sure that a 4man premade will usually go up against another 4 man premade anyway, but maybe I was wrong. :S

    1. It does, it adjusts the "value" of the team and boosts it in regard to premade queuing and who it matches for. As I understand ( making up numbers ) its something like 4 1300 normal elo players queuing together might boost it up to figuring them as 4 1350 normal elo players. so that last pug will need to be around 1350 elo to fall into their queue

      I think this change is geared at 4 man premades being matches to other 4 man premades and the last slot added in NOT counted for the boost. So a premade of four 1300 elo players will get a 1300 elo pug

    2. Oh I see, thanks for explaining it!

  2. And Xerath's ult still won't get fixed because according to riot graphics>gameplay

    1. It's bugged, yeah. prepping a post about that now.

    2. It's not bugged sadly, it's intentional
      They wanted his ult to match particles (as in to look prettier) but increased the time on detonation
      Supposedly he will be buffed but considering Xerath's toolkit it won't save him from not being viable prenerf

  3. so uh, where's pulsefire? why the heck dont they just put him on the store????

  4. Somehow Pulsefire Ezreal already lost his hype and glance and he is not even out yet ... I was 100% sure I will buy this skin when they announced it, but now I am not even sure on that after all the delays/waiting times anymore.

    1. All the problems really are going to hurt the RP market in general.