6-13: Bits and pieces.

Posted on at 6:46 AM by Moobeat
A few quick news posts to brighten your day on the Fields of Justice

First up, RiotKiddington revealed that the elo penalty for queue dodging in a ranked game will soon be removed. This comes as a bit of a relief as I think everyone can relate to a troll finding their way into ranked queue, spouting out lines such as "mid or feed". The real question is, what will this additional form of discouragement be? Perhaps a more restrictive time on reentering the queue? At any rate, check out the rest of his response below:

We understand that losing elo from dodging does not make sense. We asked ourselves the question “how is dodging affect one’s skill level”, and we reached the same conclusion that dodging will not make a player better or worse in terms of their skill level. So, a change has been proposed by game design, and it has been implemented by Riot engineering. In the new implementation: ranked dodge will not cause any elo loss, instead some other form of discouragement has been added. This change should be released within a month.
- RiotKiddington, Platform Engineer, via the official forums.

Secondly, Phreak has spilled the beans on a bit of a fix coming up. Everyone can relate, either in their naive, lower levels or their haste, they have went in for a clench kill during lane and accidentally delivered a fatal ignite to none other than a lowly minion, swinging the tide of the fight out of their favor. While holding ~ is a lukewarm fix, Riot has a better plan:
We have a fix for this coming in the near future.

You can still ignite jungle monsters, but not minions.

ETA ~3 weeks I think? I don't know the exact timing.
- Phreak, Web Content Specialist, via the official forums.

Thirdly, we have , thanks to SkinSpotlights, Jayce's voice overs. For those who might not have seen the post a few days ago, Jayce is a new champion who showed up in the most recent PBE build and is rumored to be the 100th champion.

He says a lot of interesting things, including bits and pieces about a hammer, cannon, transformation, and Piltover. He is also, obviously, a male, which disperses any of the "jayce is a girl" rumors.

Lastly, I'm not sure how authentic this is, but a shot of the upcoming Glacial Malphite skin has popped up on leewiart.com, Chinese art site. I was hesitant to post this at first, but the skin looks a bit too detailed to be just a fan art and matches up with the PBE textures posted a few days ago.
In any case, I'm going to throw a crap ton of money at this if it is legit. I hope he throws snow balls.


  1. Thought this might be nice to share with you too >< I apologize if I shouldn't be posting this here, lol, I just recently discovered your blog:


    ^Pulsefire stuff

  2. I smell this Glacial Malph is a Legendary.. or.. maybe not. just guessing! ty on the info! Love your blog!