News from 5-30

Posted on at 3:45 AM by Moobeat

Here is the news from today; just a little something to hold you over while we edge closer and closer to Draven's release.

1) Glaive Knight Pantheon Released

Looks like we didn't have to wait very long! Glaive Knight Pantheon is out and ready to man drop on some fool's head. For 975 Riot Points you can add this wolf headed Pantheon to your skin collection.

2) Draven Art Spotlight

This guy looks crazy! If just seeing his artwork isn't good enough for you, be sure to check out his leaked skill set over on yesterdays post.

3) Riot World Invitational Promo Video

Check out the video above to get pumped for Friday's big ole World Invitational Tourney. Tune in at 12:00 pm PST to see the action unflod.


  1. I think it will be soon released another brother

    because if you notice, this picture is not complete ... lacks the background .... and also there is the strange thing behind Darius ...

  2. The thing behind Darius is his armor I believe.

  3. Draven PBE Skins :