Katarina receiving visual remake.

Posted on at 2:06 AM by Moobeat
Who doesn't love Jouste's art?
With Soraka's art / model remake still looming in the shadows, it's was surprising to see  IronStylus mention that Katarina is up next for a visual remake. Check out the short blurb below:

Oh yeah... forgot to mention that.. we're remaking Katarina too =)

Visually that is!
- IronStylus, Sr. Concept Artist, via the official forums.


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  2. whats the meaing of your "Soraka's art / model remake" - link on your mainpage? cO
    I was happy to see, that they do a remake of soraka-model and excited to read some information :-D

    1. Riot is currently working to redo the model and arts for Soraka, similar to what they did with Gangplank and Janna a few months ago.

  3. I hope they will make something with her hair lol.