Facebook Reward: 34% Bonus IP Weekend

Posted on at 6:45 PM by Moobeat
edit: Looks like it's been increased to 100%! Hurray.

Riot has unveiled their long promised reward for breaking the two million fan mark on Facebook and it is a weekend-long, 34% increase in IP, available for all summoners between Friday, June 1st at  7pm PST and Monday, June 4th, at 7am PST. Check out more below!


Thanks to you, our Facebook page has grown in leaps and bounds, leading up to this month’s count of over 3 million! When we hit the 1 million landmark, we celebrated with a celebratory art wallpaper, and planned to deliver another surprise when we hit 2 million fans. Then unforeseen circumstances entered the picture. And by “unforeseen circumstances,” we mean “two culprits in the office dropped the ball.”

We kept the fans waiting and we hate doing that. Thankfully, the rest of the team came up with a dignified and professional way to dissuade the guilty parties from making the same mistake again. It went a little something like this:

We relent! We love you, so we’re going to celebrate our latest milestone by giving everyone out there tons of LoL goodness.

This weekend from Friday, June 1st at 7pm PST, until Monday, June 4th at 7am PST, all League of Legends games in NA, EUNE and EUW will gain an increased IP bonus, matching the number of people who love us on Facebook as soon as the weekend kicks off! Since we have 3.4 million right now, that’s currently a 34% increase! Yes, this will work in conjunction with any IP and XP boosts you currently have on your accounts, too.

Encourage your friends to “Like” us on Facebook and raise that percentage even higher!

Thanks for being such awesome fans, and get ready for the extra IP all weekend!
- Tamat, Lead Community Manager, via the official forums.

While this tangible reward ( compared to the wallpaper released for one million hits ), it seems Riot had different plans at one point in time, presumably the Facebook integration icons we saw show up a quite a number of patches ago.

Hey everyone,

I've seen a few themes from the feedback in this thread. I'd like to respond to those directly, and spend the next couple of hours in this thread answering any further questions that you have.

First, the themes that have been detected:

1. Why did this take you 6 months?

This boost weekend is actually one of a few ideas that we had originally, but we decided to do something much more complicated. Unfortunately, after a few months of development, our other reward just wasn't working due to unforeseen challenges caused by the recent Facebook changes. We had to put a hold on the project, and went back to the drawing board to figure out an alternative suggestion.

We ultimately decided to do a bonus weekend for EVERYONE verses only rewarding our fans on Facebook. 

2. Why is the boost 34% vs. 100%?

We normally give out 3 & 10 win IP Boosts as rewards, but we wanted to do something different and make the reward persistent over a long period of time. This weekend, you'll be able to play as many games as you want, and win or lose, you'll get at least 34% more IP than you normally would.

Why is Tamat so mean?

I apologize if you were offended by my other post in this thread. I was joking, but many of you took it seriously. It's hard for anyone to keep a smile when you aren't happy with the things we give you. Our intentions are never to underwhelm you, we want you to be happy. Today we failed to make you happy, and I'm sorry for that.
- Tamat, Lead Community Manager, via the official forums.