Darius Patch Delayed

Posted on at 3:12 AM by Moobeat

Patch delayed! It looks like the head chopping will need to wait a few more days.

Thanks to your help on the Public Beta Environment this past weekend, we’ve identified critical issues in the upcoming patch that we must address before we release Darius and the enhanced Summoner’s Rift map. As such, the upcoming patch will release at a later date. Stay tuned for updates on our progress, more information will appear as they become available. Thanks for your continued patience and input; your gameplay experience helps us make League of Legends the best it can be!
- RiotRara, Service Community Coordinator, via the official forums.


  1. Anyone know what the "Critical issues" are?

  2. "issues" is just riot saying were no longer doing a patch every 2 weeks its a permanent 3 week cycle now. sigh

  3. HOW INCREDIBLY SHOCKING. Riot has always respected release dates due to their huge respect for the players, so naturally this comes as a very big surprise for me. /sarcasm off.

  4. Get over it, just think of it as another week to focus on Diablo 3. Haha

  5. According to Phreak, the "issues" that cause patch delays are in-fact gamebreaking.

    "We wouldn't delay awesome updates unless the bugs were actually critical.

    Your champion getting stuck and unable to move unless you Flash or die is rather important.

    We wouldn't push a patch back for 'Darius's ax handle is too symmetrical.'"

  6. I heard darius ult refreshed all cds of his teams ult, looks cpretty gamenraking to me