Urf Day 2012 and 3-D Mode

Posted on at 12:53 AM by Moobeat

Well, summoners, Urf Day 2012 is now upon us! In memory of our chain gun toting, spatula wielding friend, Riot has created Fisherman Fizz!

This cute little skin is now available on live and can be yours for only 975 RP. Just like last year's Urfrider Corki, this skin isn't tagged as limited, so it'll stick around for future summoners to enjoy.

In the spirit of being a grump ( and slightly biased against "Don't Believe the Internet Day" ), I must also urge you to check out Riot's April Fools day joke, 3D Mode!

I'd love nothing more then a more real, and thus more cuddly, 3d version of Teemo, but this is as much of a reality as Magma Chamber. Happy April 1st!

Edit: The patch adding in Fisherman Fizz was just deployed and it looks like Battle Bunny Riven is our real treat! I'll post some in game shots when I get them, but it's worth noting she isn't available for purchase yet. Is this a cruel joke or an upcoming pseudo-Easter skin? Only time will tell!

(( Thanks to redditor lordgreggreg!! ))