Refer-A-Friend 2.0 is live.

Posted on at 2:32 AM by Moobeat
Riot launched a new and updated version of their Refer-a-Friend system today. This updated system offers incentives referring fewer people to the game and, with a new requirement of referrals reaching level ten the milestone rewards, helps to weed out anyone who should seek to exploit the system.

While the removal of the infamous Help Create a Champion and Your Name In The Game rewards are regrettable, these rewards were offered while Riot was only a fledgling company, with ( what I assume ) low expectations of people actually hitting them as they are not the sort of numbers a typical player can reel in.

The new system awards you 250 IP for each referral that makes it to level 5 and offers one time milestone rewards based on the number of referrals who make it over level 10.
Above is a full list of the milestone rewards.
My pathenticly whimpy referral total!

The good ( possibly unintended ) news for veteran players is that these rewards "stack" with the old rewards. For example I had several old referrals, but I was able to redeem the new rewards despite have already claimed my old ones.

To sign up for the new referral system, log into your account and head on over here. From there you will need to accept the terms and conditions of the new system ( most notably that rewards from the old system that have NOT been redeemed will vanish ). Should you have futher concerns or issues with the new system, check out Riot's Refer-A-Friend 2.0 support page.

For those of you interested, for reference, in what the old rewards were, check them out below.
  • Every Level 5 Referral = One 4 win IP Boost
  • 10 - Tier 3 Champion
  • 25 - Forum Title – “Recruiter” 
  • 50 - Grey Warwick Champion Skin 
  • 100 - The League of Legends Digital Collector’s Pack 
  • 150 - Forum Title – “Senior Recruiter” 
  • 200 - 10,000 Riot Points 
  • 250 - Forum Title – “Master Recruiter” 
  • 350 - Ultra-rare champion skin – Champion will be selected by the first player to reach this tier* 
  • 500 - Get your name added to the “Wall of Fame” in the Riot Office 
  • 1,000 - A content element will be named after your summoner 
  • 5,000 - All current and future content permanently unlocked 
  • 10,000 - All expenses paid trip to visit Riot Games and develop a champion with the Riot Design Team


  1. This just seems to be an attempt to remove the Make a Champion/Game element with us! thing :/

  2. One person I know of reached 10000 referals and he was only aloud to design a skin :/ now there is absolutely no hope to share my concept with them :(

  3. So...
    Can someone answer me? I have around 27 referrals but most of them are sub-lvl 10
    Will i get that Grey Warwick skin anyways?

  4. No you will not. They have to be level 10 or higher to count for that rewaard

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