League of Legends Supremacy

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While it's not certain what exactly Supremacy is, it is certain that something is in the works over at Riot Games. Check out the story below, from fusible.com. that discusses some of the interesting domain names Riot has reserved lately.
Domain names can often be a good indicator of a company’s plans.  And based on the large of amount of domain registrations and acquisitions recently, it looks like Riot Games is preparing to release a brand new game mode for League of Legends called Supremacy.
Back in late February, another domain blog Rogue Domaining had noted that leagueoflegendssupremacy.com and .net had been privately registered by the internet brand protection company MarkMonitor.  While registering two domains may signal nothing more than a company trying to protect its intellectual property, I’ve discovered additional strong hints that Riot Games will be introducing League of Legends: Supremacy in the near future.
First off, Riot Games is a client of MarkMonitor, a firm that over half the fortune 100 rely on for brand protection online.  While the key is to be discreet when registering names for yet-to-be-released games, months ahead of its Dominion game mode release, MarkMonitor registered names like leagueoflegendsdominion.com (Whois).
This week, MarkMonitor registered a slew of typos of League of Legends: Supremacy domains including:
Now add to that, Riot Games has apparently acquired the generic domain names Supremacy.com (Whois) and Supremacy.net (Whois), which you can most certainly assume did not go for cheap, dropping hints that League of Legends: Supremacy is definitely on its way.  You don’t spend the kind of money it takes to buy generic names like these for defensive purposes unless you have a plan.
Days ago, both names transferred from their previous owner to MarkMonitor.  The tie-in between Supremacy.com and the other League of Legends names, is that on the same day MarkMonitor registered the typos of leagueoflegends.com and lolsupremacy.com, it also picked up typos of supremacy.com like supramecy.net, supremecy.net, supremicy.com, and supremicy.net.
While nothing is official yet, with all these new domain registrations revealed here in the past week, news of a new game mode seems very close.


  1. Yes! I want to know what happened I was worried the first time. Get well soon!

  2. I believe Supremacy will be an "every man for himself" mode where the first person ot X amount of kills wins. Should be completely badass and just the kind of bloodthirsty solo killfest that this game needs.