Incoming Dynamic Tool Tips

Posted on at 6:53 AM by Moobeat
It looks like well be seeing more dynamic tool tips ( such as the fluctuating totals  like the AD from Atma's or Manamune ) soon. Despite the math being easy for some of us, it's nice for Mundo to be able to shoot a glance at his item bar and figure out what sort of bonuses he gets. Mundo not quick good at math.

We've got dynamic tooltips for a whole bunch of these (Archangel's Staff, Force of Nature, Atma's Impaler, Deathfire Grasp and possibly one or two more I can't remember at the moment) in the works. Not sure if they're in the current patch or not, should be pretty soon if not though.

Don't think we did one for Deathcap though, will pass that suggestion on.
- Meddler, Associate Game Designer, via the official forums.

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