Ashe is getting a make over.

Posted on at 5:34 AM by Moobeat

Similar to the upcoming Soraka visual remake and the past Kayle/Gangplank overhauls, Ashe is slated to receive an updatin'. This information was brought forth by Morello in a post where the community has demand that the Amethyst Ashe skin contain purple particle effects instead of the normal, blue spell effects. While this change is on the menu, I'm much happier now that  I know soon I will not have to stare at Ashe's ugly and blocky feet.
So, I talked more to the skins team about this - something pretty exciting to add.

As you've seen with Gangplank and Kayle, we've been trying to redo some of our old, outdated-looking models. Ashe is next up on this treatment, and with that should come the Purple arrows.

The reason to wait for this is that particles, model and animations are all really closely tied together - and when we change the model, a lot of the "how things work" has to be redone anyhow. It's really simple to add it in there, and you get a sweet new Ashe base too!
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.


  1. Interesting news!

  2. Riiiight... Now update every OTHER champion whose particles doesn't match each of his skins... Somehow I don't see that happening with the amount of champions in the game and their current release rate.

    I ran an initiative about giving at least ONE of Shaco's skin a new particle/model for his JitB and got 5000+ upvotes. All in vain. Something is telling me what champ/skin is going to get a makeover will be very arbitrary thing.

    1. they did change the colors of the boxes in every skin, before they were all red

  3. Ashe didn't show enough boobs before so they had to change it... *sigh*
    I thought Ashe was one of the few female champions these guys treated well.
    Now all we have left is Kayle.

  4. Nidalee needs a a new artwork... Horse face doesn't translate to cougar. Its just my opinion.

  5. Sivir!!! She moves like in the moon with each step u.u