More Skins Being Retired

Posted on at 9:15 AM by Moobeat
It looks like Riot is planning on retiring four more classic skins on the 12th of March. Between now and then, you can snag them for a whopping 75% off. While these skins will be classified as Legacy and will not be immediately available anymore, we might see them again during a special future occasion sometime.

Let me ask you something, summoners!

Did you dream of being a Gem Knight even before you learned they were truly, truly, truly outrageous? Had you fallen for Kayle even before you got the chance to see her with her helmet off? Can you remember feasting on your enemies long before a dinner party in the void became a black tie affair? If so, this might be your last chance to pick up a few truly vintage skins for some of your favorite champions of the League.

That’s right! On Monday, the 12th of March, four more classic skins will be going on ice in the League of Legends Legacy Skin vault. These skins will retire from the League of Legends Store, only to make select, temporary guest appearances in the event that some extra special occasion should warrant it.

Not ready to let this great lineup slip through your fingers? Starting Friday, the 9th of March, we’ll be knocking 75% off Emerald Taric, Unmasked Kayle, Nightmare Cho’Gath and Butcher Urgot before we cart them off to the vault. And just for good measure we’ll also putting their associated champions on sale for 20% off. 

Here are the skins we’ll be knocking 75% off until Monday, the 12th of March when they go on lockup in the Legacy Skins vault! 
  • Emerald Taric (normally 520 RP) will be only 130 Riot Points!
  • Unmasked Kayle (normally 975 RP) will be only 244 Riot Points!
  • Nightmare Cho’Gath (normally 520 RP) will be only 130 Riot Points!
  • Butcher Urgot (normally 520 RP) will be only 130 Riot Points!

And just in case you want to buy the cow to get the milk, the following champions will also be on sale for 20% off until Monday, the 12th of March!

  • Taric (normally 585) will be only 468 Riot Points!
  • Kayle (normally 260 RP) will be only 208 Riot Points!
  • Cho’gath (normally 585 RP) will be only 468 Riot Points!
  • Urgot (normally 975 RP) will be only 780 Riot Points!

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this chance to make your friends jealous by snapping up these classy classics before they become collector’s items on Monday, the 12th of March!
- NeeksNaman, Web Content Specialist, via the official forums.


  1. Shame to see more go but there are better skins than them out for those champs now anyway replacing the old with the new. I would rather see new splash images for classics champs though. Amumu needs some love!

  2. I need to get that Kayle skin. I also agree with chaozi that amumu needs some love.

  3. I picked up all of them. 130 RP is too good of a price to turn down.