The Great Hunt Contines

Posted on at 1:43 AM by Moobeat
Part two of the Great Hunt Sale is now available!

Poppy, Amumu, and Veigar are all on sale for 50% off the normal price. Three wonderful skins also accompany these champions;  Greybeard Veigar, Little Knight Amumu, and Battle Regalia Poppy are on sale for 487 Riot Points each.

Don't have RP to spend? Don't worry! Riot has also prepared some delicious desktop wallpapers out of the graphics from the Great Hunt page.


  1. Well I guess this is good news for my smurf account. :P

    Wallpapers are a+ways nice.

  2. Hey! I play a lot and I was excited to see things going on sale :) Check out my blog for updates league of legends videos! comment and follow :)

  3. New Champion Leaked, Centaur: