News Skins in Nautilus Patch

Posted on at 4:56 AM by Moobeat
In addition to the two release Nautilus skins and the Valentines day themed Vayne skin that have entered the shop, it looks like we are also getting an AMAZING Ryze and an ironic Twitch skin in the near future! But you don't want to hear me right now do you? You just want to see some pictures!


Abyssal Nautilus

Subterranean Nautilus

Heartseeker Vayne

Check out the new heart particles  and effects on this Valentine's Day themed skin:

Dark Crystal Ryze

Exterminator Twitch

These pictures and model caps come to us graciously from I'll also take this time to declare "shut up and take my money", "these skins are awesome", and those other exclamations. I think we can all agree that Riot has done a hell of a job in the skin and model department.

As the servers came up while I was authoring this, I took the liberty to screencap the prices for those unable to check it out themselves. Nautilus is 975 RP / 6300 IP Price Point and all of the now available skins are 975. I know, you are floored.. sea floored! Alright, I'll shut it with the lame puns.

edit: Look like there is a new Twitch skin as well.. what a sneaky rat. While he doesn't have a splash art yet, I did add the screen caps of his model.