Nautilus Patch Preview

Posted on at 8:52 PM by Moobeat
Another cycle week, another patch preview! The upcoming patch sees nerfs to Sona and Vladimir as well as long awaited buffs to Shen and a few changes to Soraka.

In recap..
Shen buffs:
  • Vorpal Blade's health return ( for both Shen and Allies ) now scales based on Shen's maximum health
  • Health percent scaling on Ki Strike
  • Shadow Dash now reduced damage done by enemies during the duration of the taunt.
  • Shadow Dash restores energy based on the number targets taunted.
  • Energy Restoration added on Ki Strike
  • Instead of being hit by enemies, Shen now  lowers the cooldown of Ki Strike when he auto attacks an enemy champion.
  • While Feint's shield is up, the energy restoration on Ki Strike is doubled.

Sona Nerfs:
  • Reduced the power on rank one through four of ALL auras. The rank five power remains the same.
Soraka Changes:
  • Lowered mana costs of Starcall and ( presumably ) Astral Blessing.
  • Mana restored by Infuse is increased.
  • Soraka can no longer cast Infuse on herself.
Vladimir Nerfs:
  • Bonus healing on early ranks of Tides of Blood has been lowered.
  • Damage Amplification on Hemoplague has been lowered.


  1. Apparently, everyone knows how to balance the game better then riot. The video was only 46 percent liked.

    Who do I trust with the balance of a game? People who are experiened and get paid to balance games? Or random people on the internet who rage and troll for a living?

    All changes are justified, hence Morello explaining them all. I hate to so people rage over patch notes. Your main champion got nerfed? Dont downvote the video, suck it up. You will live.

    1. nerfing support over and over again will only make them unpopular. i don t play ranked anymore because it s really not fun to play a support . it s sad that riot nerf some champions just because some people are getting good at them

    2. Yes, coz we all know Rioters are #1 at balancing game. Like per say nerfing early game on champion that has one of the weakest early from amongst ap carries. Totally legit.

  2. yay for sheen =), but brace yourves soraka ap carry's is comming

  3. According to your recap, its mostly buffs for soraka :P
    Lower mana costs and greater mana restored is a BUFF. Im comfused now....

  4. @DLChade

    The mana restore can be seen as quite the nerf. The other mana reductions were to try to compensate the fact that you no longer have near infinite mana.

    1. "Lowered mana costs of Starcall and ( presumably ) Astral Blessing.
      Mana restored by Infuse is increased. "

      Umm, not be an ass, but having MORE mana restored by infuse seems like a buff.... how is it a nerf if you now have even more mana restored every time?? o.O
      Understandably, the non self cast is a nerf, but everything else.....

    2. There, I changed it just for you.

  5. What Soraka does is heal and give some status, and thats all. She doesn't have a proper kit to harass properly and fight, she's more like bot that gives heal and mana(and other status like mr and armor).

    Nerfing her capacity to do this, break her gameplay. They nerfed all the heals, put mana costs highers, give less cooldown on starcalls, and she still have the same gameplay(now you need cooldown do heal more).

    I really don't know why Riot keep trying to turn her in something she isn't, a fighter/mage.

  6. Infuse can be casted on minion, so what's the point to remove selfcast and leave unchanged the others things?

    Big buff for bot lane Soraka, small buff for ap sorak.