Fiora Patch Slated for 2-29

Posted on at 11:14 AM by Moobeat

If the lack of patch notes last night or patching this morning weren't enough, I'd like to inform you that the Fiora patch did not happen last night and is slated for deployment on Wednesday the 29th. Stay tuned for later tonight when we are likely to see the final patch notes and perhaps even a champion spotlight! If you need something to do in the mean time, might I suggest checking out Fiora's Art Spotlight or even her ability preview videos that have been siphoned from the PBE?

Fiora, the Grand Duelist, is sharpening her blades on her way to the League of Legends. With all the buzz on the fields surrounding this new champion, we want to make sure conditions meet our highest standards for her big debut. Fiora’s arrival is now set for February 29. So stay tuned for more updates on when the battlefields will shut down for her arrival.

Thanks for your patience, and thanks for playing League of Legends.
= RiotRara, Service Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

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  1. They probably noticed all the fencers pointing out that she is doing it wrong and decided to fix her animations preemptively.