Pulsefire Ezreal Updated - No More Back Tank!

Posted on at 1:06 PM by Moobeat
Along with updating the game with the Sejuani patch, Riot has updated the still unreleased Pulsefire Ezreal's model which is still hidden away in the game files. I must say I am quite thrilled Riot decided to remove the ugly tank on his back and giving him a much sleeker look.

For those of you who eagerly awaiting the release of this skin, I'm sad to say we still don't have a release date for it. The last thing we heard was..

Waiting is always the hardest part. We're still at work with the skin. As we mentioned it will be Legendary, this means new sounds and new particle effects. It will also be legendary pricing.

In terms of arrival... we're juggling a few really awesome skins right now. Pulsefire Ezreal is one of them, but it won't be out in the next patch for sure.

- RoreBAWW, Riot Ambassador, via the official forums.

PLEASE REMEMBER: This stuff pulled out of the game files and shouldn't be judged as a finished / complete project. Most videos floating around just uses swappers to skin over existing models which typically result in the clunky and unfluid animations.


  1. yea but Ezreal players will rejoice, you know? Eventually like half the champs will have legendarys. O.o

  2. Im loving his Cyber Theme. Would love to see a Cyber Kass Going threw Cyber Space as a Void Walk

  3. Rammus - Bowser
    Shen - Sub-Zero
    Akali - (another MK original, can't think of name ATM)
    Katarina - Lin Fea (special bonus MK from Genisis)
    Annie - Ms. frankenstein (original horror movie)
    Annie - Alice in Wonderland (Disney)
    Janna - Tomb Raider
    Shaco - Mad Hatter
    Tryndramere - Conan the Barbarian
    Anivia - ice bird legendary pokeman (can't remember name also)
    Fizz - Lilo & Stich (Disney)
    Lee sin - Bruce Lee
    Malzahar - Prince of Persia
    Miss fortune - Jessica ( who framed Roger rabbt)
    Master Yi - Link (Legend of Zelda)
    Nasus - Anubus
    Pantheon - King Leonidus (300)
    Sion - dead guy from Soul Calibur
    Talon - Altair/Ezio Aditiore
    Vayne - Van Helshin
    Vladimir - Dracula

    .... And now Ezreal - MegaMan