Jax Remastered

Posted on at 8:51 AM by Moobeat
Jax displaying his new Counter Attack Graphic

Riot has given us a heads up on how Jax is shaping up in light of the forthcoming removal of the dodge mechanic. Eager summoners can expect these changes to be added in the upcoming content patch. Keep in mind this is only detailing the change to Counterstrike, Jax's most dodge influenced ability, and we'll be privy to the other changes to his kit once his apparent champion spotlight is released in the very near future.


In the latest patch we’re finalizing our Dodge stat remakes, which, among others, means some exciting new changes for your favorite Grandmaster at Arms. In addition to some new gameplay, we’ve also given Jax a few new animations and spell effects to accompany his new mechanics.

To kick things off, let’s start with a preview of some of the new mechanics that we’re working with in Jax’s new kit. Jax’s core ability Counter Strike had previously relied on Dodging to trigger its effect. While the mechanics of the ability were strong, its reliance on a random event made it difficult to rely on at best, particularly if the enemy team favored Ability Power champions for damage.

Surprise! He’s back! 

Dodge is an important aspect of Jax’s identity and with the removal of passive dodge we have the opportunity to make significant changes to the way Counter Strike functions. We wanted to keep the feel of dodge around as a Jax-only mechanic without the negatives of the old passive dodge stat. In the coming patch, when you activate your Counter Strike, the Grandmaster at Arms will begin dodging all incoming basic attacks for the duration of the ability. When the duration expires, he will damage all enemies in an area around him and stun them for a short period of time. This will allow Jax players to avoid incoming basic attacks and disrupt opponents using their own skill and ability instead of relying on random chance.

For more information on the mechanics of the full Jax’s remake, stay tuned for a Jax Champion Spotlight in the coming days!

In addition to shaking up Jax’s kit with some new mechanics to eliminate his reliance on a random Dodge chance, we also decided that this was an opportune time to fine-tune a few of Jax’s visuals. This included a brand new animation and spell effect for Counter Strike, along with a new animation to accompany his joke emote.

So there you have it! Polish up your lamppost, because the Grandmaster at Arms has never looked better. Be sure to check out the Jax Champion Spotlight for a full preview of the upcoming changes to Jax, as well as a primer on how to utilize his new mechanics!
 - NeeksNamen, Web Content Specialist, via the official forums


  1. Riot really doesnt know what they are doing are they? They are basically making GPs parrrrley crit on every hit. Instead of ssacrificing 1k gold for a ninja tabi, you are now getting a much better effect for free..

    They didnt need to remove dodge. And if their reason was thay it requires no skill, then remove crit also.