Snowdown Showdown content available soon!

Posted on at 10:31 PM by Moobeat
Whether its skins, runes, or just a general festive theme for your League of Legends experience, look no further! Riot will soon flip the switch and enable all of the merry holiday content for Summoner's in NA, EU, and Korea! Check out Riot's official post or just peep the information below!

If limited edition skins are what you are looking for than Riot has four exclusive skins to stuff your stockings with this year! All of them will cost you 975 Riot Points and are ( presumably ) going to be available until the end of the month.

You can also deck the halls with a lovely selection of limited edition holiday runes! These runes feature the same stats as normal Quintessence's for 75% off the normal price!

Even the minions and the Summoner's Rift map are getting into the spirit this year!


  1. Must...have...Ahri and Mistletoe LeBlanc..


  2. wtf, that's rediculous, why are the new skins and champ not available ?! What's the point of Riot not switching them on ...

  3. Soon™
    I personally hate the winter map. If I play at any time other then the middle of the day, the map is too bright and hurts my eyes. The chat is alos hard to read since there is no contrast.

    Game on winter map? kills 7 - deaths 4
    Game on normal map? Kills 14 - Deaths 3

  4. Sorry.. R the runes available for the Asia server?
    I am from Singapore