Pulsefire Ezreal will be legendary.

Posted on at 1:03 AM by Moobeat

If you happened to notice that Pulsefire Ezreal was recently removed from the skin preview screen, don't fret! Tamat swooped in to drop some knowledge darts. Looks like the skin is going to be making a come back as a Legendary ( 1820 RP price point ) skin!

Hey everyone,

Earlier today one of our Ambassadors mentioned that Pulsefire Ezreal would not be a Legendary skin. Unknown to them were the secret plans of our amazing Skins team, who just recently decided to make some changes to Pulsefire Ezreal … for the better!

We had originally intended to release this skin this month, but during a brainstorming meeting with our artists, we decided that there Pulsefire Ezreal was such a great idea that we should take things a step further and fully develop him as a Legendary skin. However, that means Pulsefire Ezreal needs more time to create than a regular Epic skin.

We know that Ezreal fans have eagerly wanted a skin of legendary quality for some time, and even though he won’t be available for a bit, he will feature new sound effects and voice overs in addition to other goodies. We’re sure he’ll be worth the wait!

Pulsefire Power!
- Tamat, Lead Community Manager, via the official forums.


  1. does this mean though, that they will refund those who have already bought the skin at normal price and have them repurchase at legendary price? or will those who own PFire ezreal have the benefit of buying it early?

  2. @Raving

    GarenaLoL posted this ( http://lol.garena.com/news/content/496--mafia-miss-fortune-and-pulsefire-ezreal-now-available- ) in early November marking Pulsefire Ezreal available for purchase on their servers. They run things a bit different than the NA/EU group, so I can't say for sure what their plan is. I don't follow them as closely but I haven't been able to find any announcements or anything.

  3. in garena, PF ezreal is still available for purchase. friends owning the skin now are wondering if their purchase at original price will remain untouched and will benefit from the free skin 'buff', and others are wondering if they buy it now, is it sort of like a legendary skin at half price. do you think riot will be the sort that will make refunds to the original priced buyers, and force them to buy the legendary remake at full price?

  4. @Raving

    I really hope they just provide it as a free upgrade, but there isn't really anyway to be sure. I'd like to think they would be nice about it and just upgrade the skin since it was their decision to release it early, not the players who bought it.