News Bits from 12-21

Posted on at 7:04 AM by Moobeat
Let's keep the news train a-rollin'! I hope you enjoy these quick pieces of League of Legends news from yesterday evening.

1) 300 Bonus Riot Points with a Riot Point Purchase!

Riot must be feeling a extra generous this holiday season because they have decided to award anyone who purchases Riot points between December 21st and Janurary  9th with 300 additional Riot points for free! The best part? The deal works with the minimum $5 purchase of 650 Riot points. Five measly dollars for 950 Riot Points is a pretty solid deal, especially with those fancy new Viktor skins around the corner...

Feeling left out in the cold because you purchased some Riot Points before the announcement on 12/21? Don't fret! RiotTobster confirmed that they will be retroactively awarding anyone who purchased RP on the 21st with the bonus Riot points.

2) Minor Patch

Riot squeaked out a small patch last night to fix a few minor details and give Baron Nashor a bit of holiday cheer. In addition to above, it appears the patch is also responsible for a few new skins and the addition of Viktor's champion page.

It should be noted that I couldn't actually find anything at the time of posting on the NA forums about this mini patch, so the screen cap is from the EUW forums. As per the above screen shot and watching my patcher ever so slowly update, the patch has been applied to NA.

3) Tribunal Statistics

Riot put up this fancy infographic to showcase what an impact their user maintained judgement system has accomplished in around seven months time. I'd be interested to see a break down of what users were most frequently reported for when punished.

On a side note, what do you guys think of these compilation posts for news instead of multiple threads spread out through the day?


  1. I should be doing tribunal while on vacation...could come back to a nice IP present. XD

  2. Regarding your last question, I guess it depends on the quantity of news and maybe the importance of them. If, say, in that day there's four different news, yeah, why not compile them all.

    But if in that day there's only two news and one of them is really important, maybe a separate post for each one is deserved. I really don't know, just food for thought.

    I play on EU-W, and here 5€ is 839 RP. I hope the exchange ratio is OK :p

    Awesome kennen skin! Cheers

  3. Goodness, I cannot wait for the ability to purchase that 1% Veigar