IGN's Preview of Victor!

Posted on at 2:13 PM by Moobeat
Just a heads up, be sure to check out IGN's Video preview of our next LoL champion, Viktor!

For those of you with the memory of Mundo, Viktor is the new AP Champion that was accidentally spoiled in the game files of last weeks patch. This exclusive footage appears to just be a rough cut of the champion spotlight and show cases all of Viktor's abilities as well as some general gameplay with commentary by the IGN staff.


  1. Stoped watching when they called shaco to the shyvana. -.-
    And its the first time im actually not eager to try the new champion, he doesnt seem that much appealing to me with hes abilities and design.
    Ahri o the other hand is awsome looking and the abilities are pretty good aswell.

  2. Viktor looks cool with a different kind of gamestyle. You need to think out of the box to get with him. I like his ulti and deathray.

    I agree that his appearance could be better

  3. Btw, the commentator has no idea what he's talking about. "When Viktor casts a spell his ultimates starts moving closer to him" - What the fuck? Even I know that you can cast the ultimate once - somewhere on the map, and then you can relocate it to somewhere else with another use of the ultimate before it goes on cooldown. IGN so lame.

  4. My bad, I was coming from a previous version of the spell obviously. The ultimate do seem to follow Viktor.

  5. I think his ult is like a pet (Like Children of the grave's ghost) I think what happens is you alt + right click a location to move it.