Volibear Patch Preview

Posted on at 6:21 PM by Moobeat
Another patch is just around the bend and it's time for Riot's weekly patch preview! Next week's patch includes the fabled Jungle remake from many months ago, some buffs to the under appreciated Sivir, and a changes to crank up the aggressiveness of the laning phase.


  •  Attack Range Increased
  •  Sivir's W is now an on next hit effect instead of a Toggle
  •  Passive Changes to Bonus Movespeed when attacking an Enemy Champion

Jungle Remake
  • Rewards lowered but scale better into late game.
  • All Camps easier ( rewards scaling ).
  • The small jungle camps now respawn much quicker.
  • New Healing "buff" on Wolves / Golems camp.
Changes to the Lane Phase
  • Minions deal less damage to Players
  • Health restored from health potions lowered.
  • Red Lizard Buff slow nerfed for melee champions.

Pretty interested to see how this jungle remake pans out. This is potentially a massive change to game dynamics and team compositions. I hope farm heavy champions, such as Master Yi, Nasus, or Irelia, can shift into viable picks with the increased respawn, and thus gold income, timers. I feel like I am still behind on working out the kinks of the mastery changes for my jungling champions after last patch, so this is going to give me a whole new set of things to mess with.

Side note: I tweeted away the first of my Riot Nasus skins earlier! I haven't heard anything from anyone, so it might still be there - I'm not very popular! I have three more I'll run a little contest for later.

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