The Rune Page Cap Rises to 20!

Posted on at 2:25 PM by Moobeat

Now we have another sink for all of our influence points! I have no idea why such a small, but potentially such a well received, addition took so long to implement.


As you add more and more champions to your lineup, you might find that you want a few more options for specialized pages in your runebook. If you’re currently the proud owner of 10 rune pages, however, there’s still the chance that you’re generalizing your builds a bit more than you’d like. 

We’ve heard your requests to be able to add more rune pages to your arsenal, and we’re happy to deliver: We’re raising the cap on rune pages to put more strategic options at your fingertips. As of today, you will now have the option of purchasing a total of 20 total rune pages. 

So, if you were waiting for the opportunity to purchase additional rune pages to supplement your champion lineup, head on over to the League of Legends Store today!
= Moneypenny, Marketing Manager, via the official forums.

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