Ranked Teams Currently Up on the PBE

Posted on at 2:33 AM by Moobeat
The Ranked teams that are being implemented for Season 2 are currently up and available for testing on the PBE. For anyone who missed the testing, or simply just doesn't want to bother with installing the Public Beta Enviroment, make sure you check out these screen shots below
Roster and invite status under "Manage"
Checking out Ratings and Team Roster under "Profile"
In Game tag and how it appears on character.
Wondering how exactly you can go about messing with this PBE feature? Check out the quick start guide from Acetaminophen below!
Do you like teams? Do you like ranked teams? Would you like to help us test out our brand new ranked teams feature? Hope in public chat 1 and start creating ranked teams and inviting your friends.

How to Join Public Chat 1:

1. Click on the chat room icon in the bottom right corner
2. Double click on Public Chat 1 in the list of chatrooms
3. Add people to your friends list so that you can invite them to your team!

How to create a ranked team:

1. Click on your summoner profile button
2. Click on the "Create a ranked team" button
3. Enter a team name and tag and click enter
4. Click on the "Manage" tab for the ranked team
5. Invite your friends
- Acetaminophen, Player Support Specialist, via the official forums.

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