Priscilla's Blessing or Curse?

Posted on at 1:40 AM by Moobeat

Brackhar has posted a little tidbit about Priscilla's Blessing and how it is shaping up on the Crystal Scar. As the thread summarizes, this item can be particularly troublesome because the +15% Capture speed combined with the high mobility activation lend themselves to backdooring and can create a bit of an  "anti-fun" stalemate where you have to keep someone on all points at all times. On the other hand, there is the popular opinion that it is the the most unique to Dominion item; that is that it feels like the standout viable and new item where as most the others are just retools of other items or are poor alternatives to normal items with similar effects.
I've always been concerned about the effect of this item, and I agree that it's not working out for the better of the game right now. We'll be looking at it soon.
- Brackhar, Technical Designer, via the official forums.


  1. I love this item :D adds more tactics to the game.

    It's easily countered, so IMO it doesn't need adjusting