New Skins in Volibear Patch

Posted on at 12:59 AM by Moobeat
Looks like we have five new skins coming our way in the Volibear patch. I can bearly contain myself. Thanks to Slushe on reddit!

Silverfang Akali
Imperial Lux
Hyena Warwick
Frost Queen Janna
Something Tristana ( Not In Game Yet )

edit: Here is Riot's release thingy-ma-bober for the Volibear, Lux, and Akali skins.


  1. very nice post keep going...but why new skin for trist?she already has enough and almost nobody plays her...

  2. The akali and lux skins look amazing. Janna looks decent, but i'm not sure about the warwick and tristana ones...

    Still, looking to be a great patch.

  3. Tristana seems familiar does any1 know what the skin is based on??