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No shocker given last weeks confirmation, but Riot typed up some pretty lengthy walls of text regarding why Dodge is toxic to the game and the plan for compensation for those who have purchased Dodge runes. In lieu of this, I sure hope Riot doesn't drop the ball with the Jax remake!
Greetings, summoners!

There’s been a lot of discussion around the Dodge statistic recently, especially in the wake of our controversial decision to remove Dodge from the game. When we released the new masteries, many summoners noticed the removal of Nimbleness. This created a lot of questions about Dodge – such as its viability, how much enjoyment players get out of it, and what Dodge means to League of Legends. In light of the player concerns, we wanted to take a few minutes to talk about why we’re phasing out this stat. Over time, we’ve come to see Dodge as a problematic statistic in our game, so I wanted to take a moment to dive into why that is.
  • Dodge only starts looking compelling when it can be stacked. But when stacked too high, it completely (and permanently) shuts down a subset of characters. This then causes us to have to make additional things (such as Sword of the Divine) to counter this counter, which ends up using a lot of design space simply to make the statistic fun and non-abusive. Typically, we try to avoid super hard counters like this.
  • While both Critical Strike and Dodge use a similar randomization formula, Critical Strike is still countered in much the same way as Attack Damage and Attack Speed: buy Armor. Conversely, Dodge can’t be overcome by getting more Attack Damage or Armor Penetration like other defenses can. This means that Critical Strike is just a damage multiplier, whereas dodge is an entirely new defense type that doesn’t have a series of sensible counters to it.
  • Historically, there have only been two actual gameplay decisions that have to do with Dodge – Jax’s Counterstrike and the former Nimbleness mastery. While both of these do have some cool nuances to them, they’re not the kind of thing that justifies an entire (otherwise problematic) system in the game. By comparison, Pantheon’s Aegis of Zeonia allows him to “block” attacks, but this block system is not available to every champion in the game. This not only keeps it from getting out of hand, but makes Pantheon more unique in the process.
  • Dodge also has much more potential to remove satisfaction in a noticeable way than the other defensive stats, mostly due to its random nature. Failing to finish an opponent with an auto-attack because they happened to get their 5% chance to dodge is a pretty poor experience for the attacker, especially since the escape isn’t based on a good gameplay decision or skill-based way to survive. The fun to un-fun ratio is poor.

Based on this, we not only want to phase out Dodge from of League of Legends, but also add some new, fun runes that can change up builds and open up new options. Things like this are what make League of Legends a constantly-evolving environment that rewards adaptability and versatility, as well as mastery.
- ByronicHero, Web Content Specialist, via the official forums.


As many of you are aware, there’s been some buzz about the removal of Dodge as a primary stat in League of Legends. We’d like to officially confirm that we will be phasing out the use of this stat over time.

Over the course of the next several weeks we’ll be taking progressive steps to remove the Dodge stat from the game. The first step that we are going to take is to provide a full refund for all summoners that currently own Dodge runes. Within the next few patches, we’ll be proactively refunding your Dodge rune purchases and removing these runes from your runebooks. Should you wish to rebuy your runes for use in the interim time, you’re welcome to do so. Bear in mind, though, that once we’ve completely phased Dodge out of League of Legends, we’ll be issuing another refund for any runes that you’ve re-purchased. 

While we’d like to issue this initial refund immediately, there are several technical limitations with refunding a large amount of runes. Initiating this refund will take a considerable amount of time unless we properly prepare for it. We will provide an additional heads up about when exactly this refund will take place in the near future. 

Part of changing Dodge means we’re going to implement changes to those champions and items that Dodge affects. Going forward, we are excited to be implementing changes to Sivir, Udyr, Ninja Tabi, Sword of the Divine and, perhaps most notably, Jax. They’ll be receiving reworks that we think will really bring some fun and exciting improvements to their gameplay.

Additionally, we think this is a great opportunity for us to explore new types of runes. You’ll have multiple new runes to check out as we draw closer to releasing these remakes to our Dodge-centric champions and items. 

Click here for a comprehensive explanation of the rationale behind removing the Dodge stat.
= Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.

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  1. Personally I'm happy that they took out dodge. Crit i can understand, but having something purely luck based that can possibly take off 30% of your dps? No thank you. Plus it was always stacked on the bloody tanky dps.