Blood Lord Vladimir

Posted on at 2:55 PM by Moobeat

Riot released the above image earlier as a teaser for one of the new unreleased skins in the Fizz patch. These teaser images have been released for both legendary ( Piltover Customs Blitzcrank! ) and non legendary ( Reverse Annie! )  but seeing as how the game files and the image is named "legendary-skin.jpg" , I think it is safe to assume this will be a new legendary ( 1820 RP Price point ) skin fir Vladimir!

Check out the video from T0m T4yl0r that shows the new model, new emotes, and new animations for the skin. Warning: These might not be final, but reflect the current files for the skin.

P.S Where is Pulsefire Ezreal!? I was sort of hoping he was going to be a pseudo legendary skin for Ezreal


  1. Legendary Skin !!! xDDD want it so badly !

  2. Whoever's blood cells were in that picture should get those looked at.

  3. Hmmm played Vlad again and he's been nerfed so badly...maybe I need to train more. But being put solo against an Ezreal really killed me.

  4. ^ agree. Why buy a legendary skin for a champ that Guinsoo has admitted on twitter isn't the best choice yet they don't plan to tweak him? Vlad is tier 3, tops