Xerath Getting Some Attention

Posted on at 11:31 PM by Moobeat

Morello has put out some juicy tidbits on how Riot feels about Xerath and gave us some possible changes to be coming down the tube.
While this is a little "doomsday" in the problems you speak about, I think there's a few takeaways we're looking to change:

* Passive: Xerath doesn't actually need this passive, and instead should focus on one that emphasizes ranged play. We'll be making this change in the next couple patches.

* Seige Mode: Should not lock you down - that's an unusable character in LoL. Using it to pulse one long-range spell or to set up for a longer barrage is fine. It gives it multiple ways to use it, which I'm fine with.

* Stun: If we do remove the passive, he'll never survive a real teamfight without this. Mages need CC and/or mobility to function. If we remove the free tankiness, this will apply even more.

I appreciate the feedback (always!), but I'm generally happy with Xerath's design other than his passive, which we're going to change. I think the difference between "man, I wish this were better" and "THIS IS THE WORST WTFFFF" is pretty wide
- Morello, Lead Champion Designer, via the official forums.

I think just about everyone who has played Xerath since his release can vouch for the uselessness of his passive. Having an extra 40 or 50 armor doesn't make him much more bulky  when an assassin or bruiser has gap closed to you and your W, which is giving you range to nail most the team, is keeping you still long enough to get burst down. I'd really interested to see what sort of changes hit Xerath to make him a bit more viable, especially since I picked up one of those fancy updated skins of his.

I believe the fact that Riot is keeping a close eye on their feedback is pretty impressive. Here we have a one patch cycle old champion who, as a result of criticism and feedback, has gotten updated skins and will soon be getting a kit sort of "overhaul" ( that is if they address all of the points Morello put forth ).

edit: Morello made a comment about an example of a new passive for Xerath subsequent post in the same topic, "For example, Xerath could exemplify "high range" play more. We want to give him a passive that gives him additional damage based on how far the target is away from him, especially since skill shots are more reliable at close range. This gives some additional room for great Xerath players to stand out and optimize their play, which is the opposite of what you say."

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