League of Legends Wins Golden Joystick Award for Best Free-to-Play game!

Posted on at 11:20 AM by Moobeat
Congratulations to League of Legends for taking home another Golden Joystick award! Check out the post below from Tamat and enjoy your 10 win IP Boost to celebrate the occasion! Now would also be a great time to brush up on your Summoner's Rift skills as you'll make a better use of your IP boosts there!

We’re happy to announce that with your help, League of Legends has secured the Golden Joystick Award for Best Free-to-Play game! Thanks to your support, we beat out some great competition in the online space to secure our second Golden Joystick in a row!

We said before that we’d celebrate with you, and we’re here to make good on that promise. Over the next few days, we’ll be issuing 10-win IP Boosts to each of you. (Please note: it takes time to distribute anything to 15 million people, so you may not receive your Boost immediately.)

This award belongs to all of us, summoners!
- Tamat, Lead Community Manager, via the official forums.

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