Graves Patch Preview

Posted on at 5:31 AM by Moobeat
The patch preview for the upcoming Graves Patch has been released. A handful of treats for us in this patch including two champions spotlighted, one item, and some changes and tweaks to Dominion. No mention yet of this years Harrowing content or skins so let's keep our eyes peeled for more information!

  • Crystal Slash mana costs flattened and lowered throughout all ranks.
  • Attack speed per level raised significantly
  • Increased Duration of Ultimate.

  • Gatling Gun now 4 seconds at all ranks
  • Gatling Gun's damage is now "normalized" - Has base damage and scaled off of bonus AD instead of base AD.

Hextech Gunblade
  • Nerfs to "all stats"
  • Spell Vamp is made Unique


P.S: I hope everyone noticed the Harrowing minions are back in action!

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