Don't forget to check out the IEM New York!

Posted on at 2:21 PM by Moobeat

Don't forget to turn into this weekends delicious serving of e-sports! Spanning from Thursday to Sunday, the Intel Extreme Masters event in New York is pitting some of the best League of Legends teams against each other for the chance to snag a chunk of the $32,000 prize pool. Make sure you check out the official event website, where you can find up to date scoreboards and match pairings, and tune into the stream below.

Or you could choose to go about this Mundo style and watch where you pleases. Enjoy this look into the Moobeat homestead.


  1. When I visit the site it redirects to adfly with almost no delay. I have to press the Back button to return to the site. And no I didn't click on anything I am simply redirected after the site loads.

    Please fix or I won't be inclined to continue visiting =\

  2. You should just be able to wait out the page and click through? The ad is intended to popup on your first visit and not show up again for 10 minutes after you click through it once.

    I just messed with the settings and you could tell me if that helps or not.