TLDR: Temp. Normal Draft

Posted on at 2:18 AM by Moobeat
Hello Summoners 

With the launch of pre-season, we’ve noticed a couple problems with ranked queues that we’re going to be adjusting to help make sure that ranked games are fun and that the competitive ladder remains healthy.

Firstly, we’ve noticed that the average Elo is off from where we expected it to be (around 1200). More specifically, we noticed that our reset calculations didn‘t take into account Elo decay in the system. To account for this deflation problem, we’ll be increasing the 5v5 Solo Elo of those players who played at least 5 ranked games last season by 15 points.

Secondly, the Ranked Wins and Losses were not properly reset after we archived them during the Riven patch. We will be resetting these numbers to reflect the appropriate number of wins and losses players have accrued since the patch this week to reinforce the feeling of a new start.

Unfortunately, these changes must be done while the servers are offline. In order to reduce the impact of these issues on our pre-season, we will be disabling Ranked Queues this weekend. While the rank queues are disabled, we will be temporarily enabling the ability to play Normal Games with Draft Mode. We will be doing maintenance early next week in order to repair ranked queues so they can be re-enabled.

- Tamat, Lead Community Manager, via the official forums.

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