Sions Buffs Coming

Posted on at 11:24 AM by Moobeat

I finally got some time to work on Sion for this upcoming patch. He's getting some quality of life changes that puts him on a level playing field with the other bruisers. The buffs were primarily aimed at AD Sion but they definitely help out AP Sion as well.

Both AP and AD Sion should be much more compelling choices next patch, though AD Sion is still fundamentally a melee DPS without a gap closer. I believe something AD Sion players will learn is that sometimes you need to settle for whichever target you can get your hands on because when Sion is attacking with his ultimate up...he is about as tanky as any champion can get (100% Life Steal is...a lot) which has created a lot of interesting (and possibly rage-inducing) moments in internal playtests. As with other champions in the same boat though, AD Sion is susceptible to being CC'd and kited which will always be a source of frustration when playing him against certain team comps.
- RiotStatikk, QA Analyst, via the official forums.

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  1. Very nice, Sion is enjoyable but could use some minor tweaking. :)