Season Two Pre-Season Has Begun!

Posted on at 1:45 AM by Moobeat

Season One was a stellar beginning for the League of Legends competitive scene, but it was just the start of things to come. We’re proud to announce a new chapter in the League of Legends story: the Season Two Pre-Season!

What is a Pre-Season?
A pre-season is the period between regular seasons that gives summoners a chance to build up teams and practice in anticipation for the season to come. Just like many real-world sports, it’s a time to hone your skills and get ready for a fresh start.

How Does The Pre-Season Affect Me?
Great question! Immediately, your day-to-day life won’t change much from Season One. However, once we transition from the Pre-Season to Season Two, there are some important details about Ranked games you should know.
  • Solo Ranked Queues: Keep active, summoners! Your Solo Ranked Elo during the Pre-Season will carry over to Season Two.
  • Pre-made Queues: If you’re active in pre-made Queue play, you’ve noticed individual Elo tracking and Ladders aren’t the best way to track how a pre-made group ranks against other groups. In Season Two, we’re going to dramatically improve the way we display and track this information. As such, we’re going to be resetting pre-made Elo at the start of Season Two to make way for some changes!

What’s the Deal with Season Two?

As we begin to transition into Season Two, we’ll have more information on all of them available for you, but for now, our focus is on supporting you throughout the Pre-Season. 

Season Two is on the way, summoners, but until then, keep your skills sharp and your wits at the ready on the Fields of Justice!

- RiotMarcou, eSports Manager, via the official forums.