Champion IP Price Reductions: Poppy and Garen

Posted on at 12:05 AM by Moobeat


In response to player feedback, we will be continuing our effort to bring you even more value for your IP by reducing the IP purchase prices on even more of your favorite classic champions. This week, we’ll be slashing the IP prices on the champions Poppy and Garen. 

The new IP prices for these champions are:
  • Poppy, the Iron Ambassador, (normally 1350 IP) will be only 450 IP!
  • Garen, the Might of Demacia, (normally 3150 IP) will be only 1350 IP!

So polish your brush up on your diplomatic lingo and get ready to shout, “Demacia!” as loud as you can, because there’s never been a better time to pick up these fantastic classic champions! Head on over to the League of Legends Store to snag these old standbys at their reduced cost!
- Moneypenny, Marketing Manager, via the official forums.

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