Songs of the Summoned 2

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Songs of the Summoned 2 has official ended and the winners have been announced! Congrats to all those involved and make sure to check out all of the entries over on the official page. The video above took a prize for parody video and is one of my favorites.

You got us rockin', rollin' and rappin' in the hallways of Riot offices with this new contest. We've even found ways of turning catchy lyrics into psychological warfare. We can't get your songs out of our heads, summoners. We must share them.

We swept through the submissions and hand-picked our absolute favorites to show off to all of you. We offer the gift and bestow the curse of awesome, addictive songs. They will not leave your head. You will be trapped. You can find all these songs in the Songs of the Summoned: Volume Two Gallery. 

To the original song winners, we bestow fine gaming headwear, an ASTRO Gaming A30 Headset with custom League of Legends tags, and 5,000 RP per band member to deck out their League accounts to match their ears.

The parody winners receive 7,200 RP per band member, and they get exclusive access to an upcoming Pentakill skin a week before it's released. Next patch, expect some extra rock in your repertoire. Yes, it's as awesome as it sounds!

It was so hard to select our winners that we just had to pick out some honorable mentions to receive 2,800 RP for their musical contributions as well. 

So who are these elusive winners? How do you hear their songs? Enjoy and download the songs at our Songs of the Summoned: Volume Two Gallery! If you like the classics, visit our Songs of the Summoned: Volume One Gallery to see how it all began. 

Tune in
Turn up
Rock out.
- Nikasaur, Community Coordinator, via the official forums.

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