Some News On Pantheon

Posted on at 3:46 AM by Moobeat

Alrighty bros, so I talked to live team. I don't want to spoil too much as there are a lot of changes but one of the reoccurring problems on pantheon was usability. He got a number of usability buffs across the board in addition to number tweaks. 

One fun example that came directly from these threads was folks really wanting his spear shot ability to be able to crit. While we didn't want to that directly as it would require us to weaken the spell overall to account for the increased variability we did want to capture that feel. So we tied his Q directly to his HSS passive so it minicrits (150% damage) if the target is below 15% health (and you have at least one rank in HSS of course). This gives the spear throw some fun synergy with HSS as well as being an incredibly satisfying execute style move. Throwing that final spear to finish a fleeing enemy is much more effective and super satisfying now.
- FeralPony, Associate Game Designer, via the official forums.

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